Film and Media Studies Curriculum

Film and Media Studies (FMS) is an interdisciplinary program in the College of Arts and Sciences designed to give students a broad understanding of film and media history, theory, and criticism. An interdisciplinary program, the FMS curriculum is built around a core of Film and Media Studies courses and a rich variety of electives, including offerings in the Departments of Anthropology, African and African American Studies, English, Communication, History, and Modern Languages, as well as in the College of Journalism and Mass Communication and the College of Fine Arts. The comprehensive undergraduate degree provides students with the knowledge and skills required for careers in media-related fields, film production, academics, or other jobs in the liberal arts and humanities.

The Film and Media Studies major coursework consists of 39 hours of FMS courses or courses approved for FMS major credit. Of these 39 hours of FMS credit, all FMS majors are required to take the six Core Requirements:

FMS 1013, “Introduction to Film and Media Studies”
FMS 2013, “Film and Media History to 1960”
FMS 2023, “Film and Media History: 1960 to the Present”
FMS 2033, “Writing About Film”
FMS 3213, “Media Theories and Methodologies” or ENGL 4253, “Introduction to Film Theory” 
FMS 4013, “Senior Seminar in Film and Media Studies”

An additional 21 hours of coursework is needed, to be chosen from any FMS course not used in the Core Requirements and from the list of Guided Electives on the FMS checksheet.

The course descriptions of FMS classes are a valuable resource for understanding what is involved in an FMS course.

Checksheets are used by students to keep track of the degree requirements of their major. Specific general education and major requirements are outlined as well as minimum credit hour and grade point averages. Students should check with their academic counselor in the College of Arts and Sciences or with the FMS advisor to find which year's requirements they are under.

It is also possible to minor in Film and Media Studies. Minor Checksheet