Frequently Asked Questions

Undergraduate Advisement - FAQs

1. Who is the advisor, and how do I get in touch with her?
The advisor is Shay Glover and you can contact her via telephone (405-325-7710), email (, or stop by her office in Burton Hall, room 110.

2. The class I want to get into is full. What do I do?
If a course is full, the only way that you can enroll in the course is with instructor permission. To gain instructor permission email the professor and ask for special permission and/or attend the course the first day of class and ask for special permission. Advisors are unable to grant you permission into a full course without that course’s instructor’s approval.

3. I want to get into a non-COMM class but I'm getting a stop. What should I do?
Contact the instructor or that department to receive special permission to enroll in class. The COMM advisor can only give permission for COMM courses. The easiest way to find the contact information for any department is by looking at their website.

4. When will advising start?
Advising for summer and fall semesters starts in March. Advising for spring semester begins in early October. If you would like to speak to an advisor before then schedule an appointment via

5. How will I know it’s time to sign up for advising?
The advisor will send an email to your OU email account letting you know you can sign up for advising. Once you get the email notice feel free to schedule your appointment on

6. How do I make an advising appointment so my enrollment flag can be lifted?
You can make an appointment by going to

7. How do I make an appointment to discuss general questions with the advisor (i.e. items not related to enrolling or lifting my enrollment flag)?
If you want to talk with the advisor outside the heavy advising periods (March to mid-April and October to mid-November), then you can call, email, or stop by the advising office to discuss your problem or make an appointment on

8. Does the advisor have walk-in hours?
Yes, but they vary each semester. You may find out the office hours of the advisor by stopping by BH 110 and viewing the listed hours on the advisor’s door or at the front office (BH 101). However, the easiest way to know that an advisor will be in when you want to speak to them is to schedule an appointment on

9. I missed my advising appointment. What can I do?
Schedule a new appointment as soon as possible via

10. I think I am ready to graduate, how do I know for sure?
After you have earned, at least, 75 semester hours you will schedule an advising appointment with Jennie Lazar in the College of Arts & Sciences for a degree check. Simply log onto and the scheduling tool will appear allowing you to choose your appointment date and time.