The College of Arts & Sciences employs a two-tiered advising system for students: advising services are available through professional and faculty departmental advisers located in their major, and college counselors are available in the College of Arts and Sciences Hobson Academic Services office. The specific roles of departmental advisors and college counselors are listed below.

Departmental Advisors

  • Semester-to-semester advising
  • Lift advising holds
  • Provide in-depth information about the discipline, course, instructors and departmental opportunities
  • Provide information on career possibilities and grad school opportunities
  • Students are required to be advised prior to each enrollment period by the faculty or professional advisor in their major department.

College Counselors

  • Knowledgeable about college degree programs
  • Assist with major choice
  • Help resolve academic and graduation issues
  • Help determine how evaluated transfer work will apply toward General Education requirements
  • Verify completion of degree requirements
  • Clear students for graduation
  • Meet with students after they have completed 90 total hours
  • Students should schedule a degree check appointment with their college counselor to confirm remaining degree requirements when they reach 90 total hours.

Counselors by Major

*New transfer students and students readmitted to the university will meet with their college counselor during their first semester to receive advisement and general degree and university information. They will be advised by their departmental advisors during subsequent semesters.