Advising Information for Multidisciplinary Studies

Since each Multidisciplinary Studies major plan is individualized to the student, academic advising is a crucial and required component for each student within the major.  Students are required to meet with their Academic Advisor/Counselor each semester prior to enrollment.  A student's advisor is assigned based on the first letter of their last name.  Below is the breakdown of which students see each of our three Academic Advisors/Counselors.

Justin Wollenberg works with students with a last name of A-E

Ryan Peters works with students with a last name of F-L

Bart Hanna works with students with a last name of M-S

Candeh Powell works with students with a last name of T-Z

Appointments with your Academic Advisor/Counselor can be scheduled on the IAdvise web site.  There are many different reasons you would want to meet with your Academic Advisor/Counselor and we have detailed some of those reasons below:

  • Semester Advising:  Each student must be advised before they will be eligible to enroll for a given semester.  Enrollment windows typically open a few months prior to the beginning of a semester so students should plan ahead!
  • Degree Check:  A degree check is a comprehensive audit of a student's academic records to determine exactly what they have remaining to graduate.  This appointment is scheduled when a student has earned approximately 80-90 total hours.
  • Academic Contract:  Student's who have a GPA below the graduation requirement of 2.00 must sign a Academic Contract with their Academic Counselor/Advisor before they will be eligible for enrollment.
  • New Transfer students:  Multidisciplinary Studies students who have transferred to the University of Oklahoma will schedule an hour long appointment to discuss their major plan, semester advisement, and resources available at the University of Oklahoma.
  • Re-Admit Students:  Multidisciplinary Studies students returning to the University of Oklahoma after an absence of 3 or more semesters will need to schedule an appointment to discuss their major plan, semester advisement, and any new university policies/procedures since they last attended the university.

Please keep these important things in mind regarding appointments within the Multidisciplinary Studies major:

  • Be sure that you have declared the Multidisciplinary Studies major.  Students can declare the Multidisciplinary Studies major by completing a change of major form with the Cal Hobson Academic Services office in room 124 of Ellison Hall after they have an approved major plan.
  • Be sure that you have submitted your designed major plan for approval.  All MDS major applications should be submitted to Ellison Hall room 124 once completed.  Once your degree plan has been officially reviewed by the Provost you will be notified via your OU e-mail address.
  • Schedule an advising appointment each semester.  Semester advising is required in the Multidisciplinary Studies major so you should visit the iadvise web site each semester to schedule these appointments.
  • Be prepared for your advising appointment.  Prior to your advising appointment you should use the OZONE web site to look at available courses and prepare a list of courses you are interested in completing.  You should also make a list of questions you would like to ask your advisor.
  • Gather and bring all important information.  If you have any outstanding transfer work, placement tests, credit by advanced standing, or any other important information that could benefit your advising appointment please bring that with you.

To view the degree requirement checksheet for the Multidisciplinary Studies major please click on one of the degrees below:

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Science