Thank you for your interest in the College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Mentor program. Due to an overwhelming response we have closed the form to accept new mentors at this time. We hope to expand the program in the future. 

Alumni Mentor Program

Thank you for your interest in the Alumni Mentor Program. The program is intended to allow College of Arts and Sciences Leadership Scholars to benefit personally and professionally from the experiences of our college’s alumni. The program is not intended to focus on employment opportunities, but is about teachable moments and encouragement.


1) To provide current Leadership Scholars an opportunity to learn from experienced professionals. This relationship may assist the student with his or her career selection process.
2) To take advantage of the valuable professional resource base that exists among our alumni friends of the College of Arts and Sciences.
3) To reintegrate alumni to the University of Oklahoma by engaging them with current undergraduates on a 1:1 in-person level, providing guidance about the student’s course of study and offering insight for personal growth.

Alumni and students are free to determine how they should meet or communicate based on what works best for each pair. Meetings can be informal as meeting for coffee or lunch, or sending a short email to each other. The College will provide opportunities each semester for alumni and students to meet at College sponsored events but we strongly encourage each pair to meet outside of those events as well.

The College will host a Student and Alumni Mentor kickoff event on Friday, Oct. 14, 2016. More information will be provided once the pairing has been completed. Attendance at the event is not required but is highly encouraged.

The duration of the mentoring program commitments will begin when students are first paired with their mentors in October and will last through the academic year. If suitable to both the student and mentor, the mentor relationship can extend until the student graduates. All attempts are made to maintain Alumni/Leadership Scholar mentoring relationships each year that the student remains in the program. If any changes are made, College staff will promptly notify mentors and students. Mentor/mentee reassignments will occur as needed.

Mentors will complete an online profile that includes information on your degree, organizations you were involved with while at OU, as well as your current profession and hobbies or interests. Students will then be given a login to review profiles to assist staff in pairing with mentors. All contact information will remain confidential until pairs are assigned and staff distributes the contact information to the mentor and student.