Amy Janan Johnson

Dr. Amy Janan Johnson
Position: Professor
Education: Ph.D., Michigan State University, 1999


Office: Burton Hall Room 226
Office Hours: 
 T 9:00-10:00, R 3:00-4:15

Classes Fall 2016 semester:

COMM 2513 Introduction to Statistics

COMM 4243 Family Communication

Academic Interests: Dr. Johnson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication. She has also served as Graduate Liaison for the department. Her area is interpersonal communication.

Her research interests include long-distance relationships and computer-mediated communication, friendships, stepfamilies, and interpersonal argument. She has published in such venues as Communication Monographs, Journal of Communication, Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, and Personal Relationships.

Representative Publications:

Johnson, A. J., Hample, D., & Ciona, I. (in press). Arguing about public and personal topics: Implications for research concerning interpersonal communication. Communication Yearbook.

Johnson, A. J. (in press). Communication in stepfamilies. In C. Berger and M. Roloff
(Eds.), International encyclopedia of interpersonal communication. Hoboken, N. J.: Wiley.

Johnson, A. J., Kelley, K., Liu, S., Averbeck, J., & King, S. (in press). Family serial arguments: Beliefs about the argument and perceived stress from the argument. Communication Reports.

Dunbar, N. E., & Johnson, A. J. (in press). A test of dyadic power theory: Control attempts used in interpersonal conflict, Journal of Argumentation in Context.

Johnson, A. J., King, S., & Becker, J. A. H. (in press).How have new media changed interpersonal relationships? An examination of the impact of computer-mediated communication on close friendships. In L. Webb & K. B. Wright (Eds), Computer-mediated communication in interpersonal relationships (2ndEdition).

Hsieh, E., Pitaloka, D., & Johnson, A. J. (2013).Bilingual health communication: Distinctive needs of providers from five specialties. Health Communication, 28, 557-567.

Craig, E. A., Harvey, J., & Johnson, A. J. (2012). Communication among childless stepmothers: Understanding the benefits and complexities of seeking online social support. Qualitative Research Reports in Communication, 13(1), 71-79.