An Introduction (continued)

This is the second of two posts, conceived before coming to Germany. I apologize at the crude order of posting.

    The one stereotype I’m sure you are all familiar with is the industrious nature of Germans. Always punctual, always hardworking, Germans accomplish a lot. This is reinforced by their relatively recent rapid economic pick-up from recession. Everything in German has a schedule, it seems. If you, as a student, do not show up on time, expect to get yelled at. This is what I’ve been told.

    Speaking of getting yelled at, I have been warned to expect that often I will be yelled at. Germans seem rude to outsiders. The guide book that I am supposed to read has many different tidbits about how abrupt and harsh they are to others as a way of life. It also mentions that this might be slowly changing, as the youth become more cosmopolitan.

    A final stereotype is that Germany, while producing some of the world’s best cars, have excellent public transport systems. I have looked into the German rail for my ticket from Frankfurt to Leipzig, and the website is very modern. The trains themselves seem modern as well. I will have to experience this first hand to figure this out. In addition to trains, they use busses, trams, and subway systems to a great effect. Im really looking forward to this. I think that I will miss my car and the freedom that goes with it, but having a public system that truly works will help alleviate this pain.

I will explore these stereotypes and make a further post adding in my experience.

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