Dr. Kyle Jensen Presenting on Burke's The War of Words

On Friday, March 9, 2018, Dr. Kyle Jensen, Associate Professor and Director of the First-Year Writing at the University of North Texas, will be giving a talk titled "Responding to Neo-Facisim: The Vale of Kenneth Burke's The War of Words to the Contemporary Historical Moment"

According to Dr. Jensen, "This talk draws from The War of Words, the newly discovered second half of Kenneth Burke’s A Rhetoric of Motives, in order to explain the value of modern rhetorical education to the contemporary historical moment. In particular, it shows how a pedagogical approach to nationalistic myth-making can help public audiences become more attentive to argumentative devices that sponsor war in the name of peace."

For a PDF of the talk poster, please click here: KyleJensenTalkFinalVersion.pdf

Spooky Story, Fall 2017

Thank you to all of the student writers who participated in our second collaborative spooky story event! 

The text, composed sentence by sentence on 25" x 30" lined Post-it paper by different writers at different times of the day, follows below:

Page 1

The Walking Dead theme song came to mind. I woke up to the sound of knocking on glass. I walked down stairs, and I saw it standing there . . . staring at me through the window, slowly tapping on the window . . . his eyes were bright red . . . with a red balloon in his hand, he then broke in the window . . . I jumped a foot in the air, but leaped into action as quickly as possible, adrenaline racing through me as I rushed for an exit. But alas the door was locked . . . So I turn around to find it following me . . . 

Page 2

And I saw three glowing eyes staring through the mist . . . Three became five. Five became seven, multiplying eyes glanced through the roaming mist. Their striking similarity made me wonder if it was a single being . . . Frozen in fear, my body began to shake. As they broke through the night, stares gleaming and fangs beaming; I took hold me courage and ran. I blink and night becomes day. Am I finally safe? Are they gone? “Is who gone?” asks a voice behind me. I slowly turn to be met with . . . A macabre creature--tall and frail. He stared into my eyes with curiosity. 

Page 3

“How sweet is your blood?” the creature asked. “Sticky sweet,” I thought. “I can smell it already, delicious!” the creature said in a deep voice. I started to be shaking again . . . Three seconds later . . . I scream and run out of my house! And out of nowhere, I trip over my feet on the sidewalk and scrape my knees. The smell of blood from my knees entices the creature, he starts speeding towards me . . .

Page 4

Suddenly I heard a voice saying “Wake up son!” Then woke up to a sound of a window breaking. A decapitated head rolls around on my floor till it settles next to my feet. The head’s eyes open, and these words come from its mouth: “Where are my lemons?!” “Don’t believe everything you see.” Said the headless horseman. I jump to my feet and . . . 

Celebration of Writing Day Events

Celebration of Writing Events

"Spooky Story by Line," Cate 2, 11:00am-2:00pm

From 11-2, we will have a table set up on the 1st floor of Cate 2 with a "Spooky Story By Line" activity. Passersby can add a line to a spooky story and get a piece of Halloween candy. We will also hand out flyers about writing classes or other opportunities.

Writing and Teaching Awards Ceremony, Heritage Room of Union, 3:00-4:00pm

At 3:00, we will hold our awards ceremony honoring stellar students and instructors in the Heritage Room of the Oklahoma Memorial Union. We will be giving away prizes to students for their outstanding writing projects in ENGL 1113 and 1213. We have awards for each unit, as well as a Grand Prize winner for students who submitted excellent work for all of the unit projects. We will also honor our instructors with 4 awards, one for each of the following categories: MA GTA, PhD GTA, Adjunct, and RTF Instructors.

"Writing to Listen and Listening to Write," Keynote Address by Jeanetta Calhoun Mish, Heritage Room of Union, 5:00-6:00pm

Oklahoma State Poet Laureate, creative writer, and scholar, Jeanetta Calhoun Mish will speak with us about her perspectives on writing and will read some of her own work. Jeanetta is an Oklahoma writer and a graduate of the OU English Department PhD program. She is also editor of Mongrel Empire Press, contributing editor of Oklahoma Today and World Literature Today. Jeanetta serves as Director of The Red Earth Creative Writing MFA program at Oklahoma City University, where she also serves as faculty. Check out more information on her here: http://jeanettacalhounmish.com/About.html.

Creative Writing Slam, Open-Mic Night, Second Wind Coffeehouse, 7:00-9:00pm

Help us celebrate writing by reading some of your own creative writing or listening to local writers read their work at our Creative Writing Open-Mic event at Second Wind Coffeehouse. Local writers will read brief excerpts of their work, slam-style.


Thanks for visiting, Dr. Miller!

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 12.55.38 PM

Dr. Richard E. Miller: "What Do I Believe? Productive Engagements with Uncertainty"

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 12.20.53 PM

Teacher Training Workshops Announced for Fall 2017

The workshop schedule for Fall 2017 follows below. Stay tuned for updates!

  • "What Do I Believe? Productive Engagement with Uncertainty" by Richard E. Miller (Aug. 30 4:30-6 P.M., Cate Center Two #223)
  • Living on a Grad Student Budget (Sept. 5-8), Jennifer Chancellor and Jason Opheim
  • Inclusivity (Sept. 11-15), Roxanne Mountford and Annemarie Mulkey
  • Teaching Research Skills (Sept. 18-22), Molly Lehman and Kelli Alvarez
  • Teaching Rhetorical Listening (Oct. 9-13), Roxanne Mountford and Kasey Woody
  • Doing Gender in the Classroom (Oct. 23-27)
  • Teaching Style and Delivery in Speeches (Nov. 1-8) 

Teacher Training Workshops Announced for Spring 2017

The workshops for Spring 2017 follow below:

Date/TimeRoomWorkshop TitleFacilitator(s)
Wed., Feb. 8
2:30 PM
Getting the Most out of Class Discussions
Jason Lubinski
Thurs., Feb. 9
2:30 PM
223Getting the Most out of Class Discussions
Melissa Antonucci and David Kelly
Fri., Feb. 24
3:00 PM
223*Workshop with Andrea Lunsford*Roxanne Mountford
Mon., Mar. 6
3:00 PM
223Addressing Academic DishonestyKatie Shearer, Breea Clark, and William Spain
Tues., Mar. 7
3:00 PM
223Addressing Academic Dishonesty
Katie Shearer, Breea Clark, and William Spain
Mon., Apr. 3
2:30 PM
223Inclusive Teaching for Different Abilities and Learning StylesCheyenne Riggs
Tues., Apr. 4
4:00 PM
223Developing Online CoursesMia Martini
Thurs., Apr. 27
3:30 PM
223Troubleshooting Awkward Moments: A Round-Table Rhonda Kyncl and Molly Lehman
Fri., Apr. 28
1:30 PM
402Troubleshooting Awkward Moments: A Round-Table
Jason Lubinski and Annemarie Mulkey

Dr. Andrea A. Lunsford Visit Spring 2017

lunsford ad

Congratulations to Our First-Year Composition Award Winning Students and Instructors!

Thank you to all who participated in our effort to commend exceptional first-year composition students and instructors. The award ceremony was held on Thursday, October 20, 2016, during our first annual Celebration of Writing at OU.

Award Winning Students, 2016

ENGL 1113

Winner: Bahar Broujeni Iranpour, for “The Motherland and I”

Runner-Up: Nick Morris, for “Constructive Conflict: When Interpretive Communities Collide”

ENGL 1213

Winner: David Soto, for analysis of the Black Lives Matter website (untitled)

Runner-Up: Emily Gutierrez, for “A Taste for Fins: Shark Finning as an Ethical Issue for the Environment and Humanity”

Runner-Up: Chris Longwell, for "The Legal and Ethical Consequences of Fracking”

Multimodal Projects

Winner: Bennett Powers, for “Norman Animal Welfare Center” (website)

Runner-Up: Morgan Long, for "GMO Awareness Farmers’ Market”

Thank you to all who participated!

Award Winning Instructors, 2016

Master's Graduate Teaching Assistant

Winner: Callie Craig

Ph.D. Graduate Teaching Assistant

Winner: Jason Lubinski

Adjunct Instructor

Winner: Karen Feiner 

Renewable Term Faculty

Winner: Amanda Klinger