Congratulations to Our First-Year Composition Award Winning Students and Instructors!

Thank you to all who participated in our effort to commend exceptional first-year composition students and instructors. The award ceremony was held on Thursday, October 20, 2016, during our first annual Celebration of Writing at OU.

Award Winning Students, 2016

ENGL 1113

Winner: Bahar Broujeni Iranpour, for “The Motherland and I”

Runner-Up: Nick Morris, for “Constructive Conflict: When Interpretive Communities Collide”

ENGL 1213

Winner: David Soto, for analysis of the Black Lives Matter website (untitled)

Runner-Up: Emily Gutierrez, for “A Taste for Fins: Shark Finning as an Ethical Issue for the Environment and Humanity”

Runner-Up: Chris Longwell, for "The Legal and Ethical Consequences of Fracking”

Multimodal Projects

Winner: Bennett Powers, for “Norman Animal Welfare Center” (website)

Runner-Up: Morgan Long, for "GMO Awareness Farmers’ Market”

Thank you to all who participated!

Award Winning Instructors, 2016

Master's Graduate Teaching Assistant

Winner: Callie Craig

Ph.D. Graduate Teaching Assistant

Winner: Jason Lubinski

Adjunct Instructor

Winner: Karen Feiner 

Renewable Term Faculty

Winner: Amanda Klinger