Congratulations to Our First-Year Composition Award Winning Students!

ENGL 1113

Winner: Bahar Broujeni Iranpour, for “The Motherland and I”

Runner-Up: Nick Morris, for “Constructive Conflict: When Interpretive Communities Collide”

ENGL 1213

Winner: David Soto, for analysis of the Black Lives Matter website (untitled)

Runner-Up: Emily Gutierrez, for “A Taste for Fins: Shark Finning as an Ethical Issue for the Environment and Humanity”

Runner-Up: Chris Longwell, for "The Legal and Ethical Consequences of Fracking”

Multimodal Projects

Winner: Bennett Powers, for “Norman Animal Welfare Center” (website)

Runner-Up: Morgan Long, for "GMO Awareness Farmers’ Market”

Thank you to all who participated!