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Evaluation Form & Sample Mini-vitae – Provost’s Memos and Forms, Section 3

Provost’s Annual Faculty Evaluation Memo – Provost’s Memos and Forms, Section 3

Dean’s Annual Faculty Evaluation Memo

Checklist for Submitting Evaluation Materials

Faculty Handbook: http://www.ou.edu/provost/pronew/content/fhbmenu.html


Faculty evaluations are conducted for each calendar year. This process usually begins in December and ends in April. It is the policy of the OU Norman campus that all salaried faculty, temporary and permanent, tenure-track and non-tenure-track, and renewable term, are subject to the same performance evaluation process.

A Summary Report of Annual Faculty Evaluation and a one-page mini-vita must be completed for each faculty member. The basic process of faculty evaluation is described in Section 3.11 of the Faculty Handbook; Section 3.6 provides definitions of teaching, research, and service.

Typically, the Provost issues a memo in early December outlining the evaluation process and requirements and establishing a deadline to submit materials to that office. The Dean’s Office generates a memo immediately thereafter, listing all paperwork to be submitted and setting deadlines for units to submit their materials to the Dean’s Office. The list of materials usually includes:

  • an explanation of the evaluation process used by the department
  • a Summary Report of Annual Faculty Evaluation for each faculty member
  • a one-page mini-vita for each faculty member
  • an updated full curriculum vita for each faculty member in electronic format
  • a two-page mini-vita for the unit

The memo from the Dean’s Office specifies the quantities and deadlines for these materials. Usually they are due to the Dean by March 1. Upon receipt of the faculty materials, the Dean’s Office will review them for completeness, enter them on a spreadsheet, and schedule a meeting of the unit’s Committee A with the Dean and/or Associate Dean to discuss the results. We try to schedule all these meetings in March; the final materials are usually due in the Provost’s office by April 1.