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January 2015: Professor Racquel-María Sapién was recently awarded NSF funds to create a series of instructional videos that can be used by indigenous peoples and others to develop programs to document and preserve endangered languages. Congratulations!

August 2014: The Undergraduate Anthropology Society welcomed our new and returning students at their Faculty/Student Meet and Greet at Reaves Park on August 26. See pictures from this fun event on the UAS Facebook page.

July 2014: Congratulations to our linguistic anthropology faculty and students who recently took part in the Oklahoma Breath of Life, Silent No More workshop and CoLang 2014: Institute on Collaborative Language Research. Graduate student Juliet Morgan blogged about Oklahoma Breath of Life workshop for the Linguistic Society of America. The image below shows CoLang 2014 participants Juliet Morgan, Nicole Umayam, Dane Poolaw, Dr. Mary Linn, and Christine Boeke.

CoLang 2014 participants

June 2014 (catching up on some news from the spring):

  • Professor Kristin Dowell, whose book Sovereign Screens was nominated for the 2014 Canadian Aboriginal History Book Prize book prize, was featured in a Vancouver arts weekly.
  • Dr. Jessica Blanchard was recently named one of the Mayo Clinic's Hampton Faculty Fellows for her work on cancer prevention in Native American communities
  • Professors Racquel Yamada, Lucas Bessire and Kim Marshall were all awarded Junior Faculty Research Grants for summer 2014.
  • Professor Kim Marshall was awarded the Ed Cline Faculty Development Award by the OU Faculty Senate.
  • Dr. Sean O'Neill was invited to serve on the senior advisory board for the NSF Cultural Anthropology Program.
  • Graduate student Stewart Younger-Mertz was awarded the "Best Student Poster Award in Ion Beam Analysis" at the 23rd International Conference on the Application of Accelerators in Research and Industry (CAARI). The title of the poster was "Ion Beam Analysis of Microcrystalline Quartz Artifacts from the Reed Mound Site, Delaware County, Oklahoma."

May 2014: Congratulations to our graduates! (Picture credit: Jessica Blanchard)

2014 graduation cupcakes

May 2014: The department welcomes our most recent faculty member, Dr. Samuel Duwe, who will join us in the fall. Dr. Duwe's research interests include archaeology and ethnography of the American Southwest, human-environment interactions, and water rights and indigenous archaeologies.

May 2014: Congratulations to our newest professors emeriti, Dr. Pat Gilman and Dr. Paul Minnis.

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A sample of recent faculty and student publications and funded research projects

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New Lives for Ancient Plants book cover

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New Histories book cover

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Department and Anthropology-related Events Calendar

The Anthropology Graduate Student Association (AGSA) maintains this calendar of department and anthropology-related events. Click on the events for more information. If you have any events that you'd like for AGSA to add (conferences, speakers, etc.), please email the AGSA web master, Yue Dong

Older news . . .

April 2014: Professor Sean O'Neill was invited to join an international team that is examining the works of Franz Boas.

February 2014: OU Research Associate and incoming faculty member (Fall 2014) Dr. Tina Warinner's research on the ancient oral microbiome was highlighted in a Scientific American podcast. There's a short summary here.

February 2014: Congratulations to PhD student KC Carlson, who was just awarded an NSF Dissertation Improvement Grant for her study of Paleoindian Large Game hunting programs!

February 2014: The department is very sad to report the passing of Ms. Margaret Mauldin. Ms. Mauldin taught Creek language and culture in our Native American Language program for many years. Our thoughts are with her family and friends.

January 2014: We are delighted to welcome our newest faculty member, Dr. Christina Warinner, who will join our department this fall. Dr. Warinner's research uses archaeogenetics and paleoproteomics to investigate the ways in which humans have co-evolved with environments, diets, and pathogens. This allows us to better understand health and disease. She explains one application of this in her 2012 TED talk on tracking ancient diseases using dental plaque. Also check out her January 2013 interview with the OU Daily.

September 2013: The department sends a warm welcome to Freddie Lewis, who joined our Native American Language faculty this fall. Mr. Lewis is teaching Choctaw.

September 2013: OU Anthropology graduate Dr. Elsbeth Dowd talks to about Spiro artifacts on display at the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History.

August 2013: The department extends a warm welcome to Dr. Jessica Blanchard. Dr. Blanchard joins us as a visiting lecturer for the coming year. She will also be taking over some undergraduate advising duties. Her research areas include Native North American ethnography, Health Disparities and Cancer Control, CBPR, Native Christianity, Interdisciplinary Research Methods, Ethics in Applied Research, and Tribal Health Policy.

July 2013: The department is excited to welcome Dr. Robert Dreibelbis to our faculty! Dr. Dreibelbis, who trained at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, is focused on international health issues, particularly social and behavioral interventions related to environmental health and development, and water and sanitation resources. His research sites have included Peru, Kenya, Bangladesh, and Nepal. Jointly appointed between the Department of Anthropology and the School of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science, Dr. Dreibelbis also holds a position with the OU WaTER Center. We look forward to his contributions to the department!

July 2013: Congratulations to Dr. Karl Rambo for being appointed as the new director of the Oklahoma Scholar-Leadership Enrichment Program (OSLEP)! Dr. Rambo will continue to teach in the department, but because of his new duties will no longer be our undergraduate adviser. We wish Dr. Rambo the best of luck with this new and exciting position!

2012-13: Professor Lucas Bessire was one of only eight faculty in anthropology at all levels to be selected for a 2012-2013 Richard Carley Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowship from Wenner Gren. That same year, he was the second faculty member in OU's history in any discipline to earn a membership at the Institute for Advanced Study (Mary-Jo Nye in 1981 was the other; the IAS, of course, is internationally recognized as one of the world's leading research institutions).

2012: Congratulations to Dr. Cecil Lewis for winning the Kinney-Sugg Outstanding Professor Award! The award recognizes instructors who are model teachers, recognized for dedication, effectiveness, and the ability to inspire students to high levels of achievement.