Multidisciplinary Studies Degree Proposal Application

The Multidisciplinary Studies major requires that all students submit their proposed degree plan to the Provost for approval.  This ensures that each degree plan meets the academic standards of the program and that each student will receive an enriching college experience.  To submit a degree proposal students should complete the application below and return it to the Cal Hobson Academic Services Office located in Ellison Hall room 124.  Once your plan is reviewed you will be notified via e-mail regarding your status to your OU e-mail account. Approval of your Multidisciplinary Studies degree plan will admit you to the MDS major but does not evaluate your status towards graduation.  All MDS students must adhere to all graduation requirements as stipulated on the degree checksheet.  This checksheet is available on-line at  If you have any questions regarding the application process you can call the Cal Hobson Academic Services office at (405)325-4411.   

Please keep these things in mind when composing your MDS major application:

-  Check the enrollment prerequisites for any courses you include in your MDS major plan to confirm your eligibility to enroll in the course. 

-  Some departments will only let declared majors enroll in their courses so you may need to speak with an advisor in the departments you include to confirm your eligibility to enroll.

-  If your submitted plan is approved you must complete the exact list of courses you submitted on your major plan.