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This funding source will be used for events held during Arts & Sciences Week, scheduled for February 8-12, 2016. Funds may cover expenses for speakers including airfare, meals, hotel accommodations, and honorariums. Funds may also be used to cover supplies needed for other events, as well as printing and advertising costs.

Arts & Sciences week is intended to highlight the remarkable variety of people and programs that make up the College of Arts & Sciences to all students across campus. We encourage all of our departments to hold events that highlight the programs and offerings they provide that week.

Quick Links:

Arts & Sciences Week Funding Request Form
CAS Request for Reimbursement Form


All units of the College of Arts and Sciences are eligible to submit proposals for events held during Arts & Sciences Week, Feb. 8-12, 2016.

NOTE: Awardees must contact the dean's office for official wording to be included on all promotional materials.


Funding requests will be accepted on a rolling basis. Requests for funding must be received no later than Jan. 15, 2016 for events held during Arts & Sciences Week in February, 2016.

Application Procedures:

Prepare a brief proposal to include the following:

  1. Complete the Arts & Sciences Week Funding Request Form.
  2. Attach a one-two page narrative that includes a description of the proposed activities involving students and faculty, and the benefits of funding.
  3. Submit the printed Arts & Sciences Week Funding Request Form and supporting documentation to the academic unit’s chair/director for approval.
  4. Submit the printed signed original of the Arts & Sciences Week Funding Request Form and supporting documentation to: Kristi Morgan, Director of Special Events & Alumni Relations, Ellison Hall, 633 Elm Ave., Room 323.
  5. The academic unit will then submit the CAS Reimbursement Request Form along with paid supporting documentation to the CAS Dean’s Office to request reimbursement. CAS will reimburse for only the actual expenditures up to the approved amount for the approved dates. All reimbursement requests must be received by May 15, 2016.

 For more information, contact Kristi Morgan, at (405) 325-2347 or