Here's a helpful checklist to help you plan for your next step after college:

Every Year: 

  • Update your resume in your Handshake Account
  • Meet with Career Counselor (Tip: make this appointment around the same time that you have academic advising)
  • Update resume with your most recent job and involvement activity
  • Have resume and cover letters critiqued
  • Attend career fairs, workshops and company information sessions through Career Services
  • Use other job search sites, professors, family friends to continue your job/internship search
  • Check on your Web identity and clean up as needed
  • Send thank you notes after interviews, career fairs and information sessions to thank the recruiter for their time and express interest in the company


  • Open Handshake account with Career Services to have your resume included in the OU resume books and to interview in the CS office for internships/jobs
  • Get information about internship opportunities
  • Enroll in CAS Career Planning Course to learn job search strategies
  • Join campus organizations
  • Attend information sessions and events featuring employers such as meetings sponsored by campus organizations


  • Attend Graduate & Professional School Fair if interested in going to graduate, medical or law school. Begin researching programs
  • Review internship opportunities in Handshake
  • Sign up for mock interviews through Handshake
  • Seek out leadership opportunities in a campus organization
  • Degree check with college counselor to confirm graduation date
  • Report internship offers and acceptances to Career Services


  • Apply for interviews through Handshake
  • Attend Graduate and Professional School Fair if interested in going to graduate, medical or law school
  • Gather information on realistic salary expectations. Check salary offer notebook in Career Services
  • Apply for graduation during final semester of coursework
  • Keep detailed records of your job search
  • Report job offers and accepts to Career Services
  • Network/Join professional organizations