Carolina Rueda

Office: Wallace Old Science Hall, Room 241
Phone: 405/325.4002

Carolina Rueda received her Ph.D. in Latin American literature with emphasis in film from the University of Pittsburgh in 2013.Her dissertation focused on contemporary Latin American cinema, in particular, the urban setting and its function in the production of significations (forms of individual and collective survival, traumatic memory, the idea of besieged cities, and issues associated with diaspora, among others). She is currently working on her first book manuscript about urban Latin American cinema in the new millennium, while starting to develop her future investigation on contemporary Latin American women filmmakers.

Carolina previously worked professionally in the fields of film and video. She co-founded LatinEyes, a television program that focuses on Latino culture in such a way as to break down the stereotyped images of Hispanic people living in the United States. LatinEyes received an Emmy Award for Best Cultural TV Show in 2006 (San Francisco, California). In 2005, she co-produced the Colombian feature filmVisitas. This film was exhibited at several international film festivals including the Festival des Films du Monde (Montréal), the Internationales filmfestival Freiburg (Switzerland), the Chicago Latino Film Festival, and the Festival de Cine de Granada (Spain).