Our selection committee met and has awarded the 2017 prizes. 

"OKC South Side Initiative," submitted by Samara Crawford-Herrera, and "Success Pad," submitted by Darius Katono Aruho, were chosen from submissions from the three OU campuses.  The prize is open to all OU students at the Norman, Health Sciences and Tulsa campuses.

Learn more about their projects at the College of Arts and Sciences website. 

The Thatcher Hoffman Smith Prize was established in 2002 as a biennial prize honoring the creative process, or in other words, Creativity in Motion. 

This prize celebrates the creative process, recognizing the power of original thought and the drive of others to make a difference in the world around us. The work or project must be in the planning stage or underway. Projects already completed will not be considered.

For its 10th anniversary, the prize was refocused to promote the creativity of full-time undergraduate and/or graduate students at the University of Oklahoma.