Clemencia Rodriguez

Dr. Clemencia Rodriguez
Position: Professor
Education: Ph.D., Ohio University, 1994      


Phone: 405-325-1570

Office: Burton Hall Room 228
Office Hours:  W 2:30-4:30
 Dr. Clemencia Rodriguez

Classes Spring 2016 semester:

COMM 1113 Principles of Communication


Areas of interest: International Communication, Citizens' Media, Communication and Social Change, Feminist Scholarship and Latin American Studies.

Current Research Project: Citizens' media in regions of armed conflict in Colombia, South America.

Wikipedia page:

Since 1984 Clemencia has conducted research on citizens’ media in different international contexts including Nicaragua, Colombia, Spain, Chile, and among Latino communities in the United States.  Her publications on citizens’ media include Fissures in the Mediascape.  An International Study of Citizens’ Media (Hampton Press, 2001); The Renaissance of Citizens´ Media (Media Development, 2004); The Bishop and His Star: Citizens’ Communication in Southern Chile (in Couldry N. and J. Curran (eds.) Contesting Media Power, 2003); Citizens’ Media and the Voice of the Angel/Poet (Media International Australia, 2002); Civil Society and Citizens’ Media: Peace Architects for the New Millennium (in Redeveloping Communication for Social Change: Theory, Practice, Power, (ed.) Karin Wilkins, 2002) and Contando Historias, Tejiendo Identidades (CINEP, 1987).

Since 2004, she began to explore how people living in the shadow of armed groups use community radio, television, video, digital photography, and the Internet, to shield their communities from armed violence's negative impacts. This has involved fieldwork in regions of Colombia where leftist guerillas, right-wing paramilitary groups, the army, and drug traffickers made their presence felt in the lives of unarmed civilians. In her recent book, Citizens' Media Against Armed Conflict: Disrupting Violence in Colombia (University of Minnesota Press, 2011) she reports many of her findings. She continues to teach in the areas of international communication, social change, and gender.

Representative Publications:

Rodríguez, Clemencia.  (2011) Citizens' Media Against Armed Conflict: Disrupting Violence in Colombia. The University of Minnesota Press. (Included here is the book's introduction.)

Rodríguez, Clemencia; Kidd, Dorothy; and Stein, Laura  (eds.). (2010). Creating New Communication Spaces.Volume I of “Making Our Media: Global Initiatives Toward a Democratic Public Sphere.”  Euricom Monographs, Hampton Press.

Stein, Laura; Kidd, Dorothy; and Rodríguez, Clemencia.  (eds.). (2009). National and Global Movements for Democratic Communication.  Volume II of “Making Our Media: Global Initiatives Toward a Democratic Public Sphere."  Euricom Monographs, Hampton Press.

Rodríguez, Clemencia.  (ed.). (2008). Lo Que le Vamos Quitando a la Guerra. Medios Ciudadanos en Contextos de Conflicto Armado en Colombia. [What we are Stealing from War. Citizens’ Media in Contexts of Armed Conflict in Colombia]. Bogotá, Colombia: Centro de Competencias en Comunicación, Fundación Friedrich Ebert. Rodríguez, Clemencia. (2001).  Fissures in the Mediascape.  An International Study of Citizens’ Media.  Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press.