Upcoming CMRS events

As the 2016-17 academic year winds up, here is an overview of all the CMRS-sponsored events of that very busy year:

o Global Shakespeare Festival: six events featuring films and live performance
     Organizers: Su Fang Ng (English); Sara Coodin (Classics & Letters); Joyce Coleman (English; CMRS)

o Medieval Fair / CMRS Lecture Series: 7 talks aimed at a general audience on topics ranging from medieval siege warfare to J.R.R. Tolkien
     Organizers: Ann Marie Eckart (Medieval Fair); Joe Sullivan (German); Joyce Coleman (English; CMRS)

o Science of Parchment Symposium, March 23: 4 speakers from humanities and science backgrounds discussing what new scientific techniques can reveal about medieval books. Speakers: Bill Endres (English); Christina Warinner (Biology); Bruce Holsinger (English, Univ. of Virginia); Matthew Collins (Bioarchaeology, Univ. of York)
     Followed by a reception at Bizzell Library's Special Collections, including an exhibit of parchment items from the Collections and a tour of the Library’s Digitization Laboratory.
     March 24: Brown bag led by Profs. Warinner and Collins: “The Archaeology of the Invisible: A Discussion and Guided Tour of OU’s Laboratories of Molecular Anthropology and Microbiome Research.”
     Organizers: Jennifer Borland (Art History, OSU); Joyce Coleman (English; CMRS); Kathleen Crowther (History of Science)

o Shakespeare Birthday Party, April 25: “Shakespeare Bingo”; “How to Shakespeare” (in English grad students shared advice about how to read and enjoy the Bard); and “Impromptu Shakespeare,” in which undergrads were handed scripts for their roles, and launched into performances of scenes from A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream and The Taming of the Shrew.
     Organizers: Cortney Wilmering (English); Kim Thomas (Boomer Buzz). Participants: Kevin Aschenbach, Amanda Cuellar, Jason Lubinski, Whitney Whitaker, Cortney Wilmering (English); Sarah Wade (Renaissance Fair)

Next academic year, look forward to the launch of the CMRS's med/Ren survey course, MRS 3023, in which each class will be taught by a professor who's a specialist in the relevant area. As a Presidential Dream Course in its first run, the course will also host four invited speakers from other universities, who will teach classes and give public lectures. Announcements of the speakers and the subjects of their talks will go out in fall 2017.

The Medieval Fair / CMRS lectures will also be returning with a new lineup of varied and interesting speakers. Other plans are also underway, so stay tuned.


Medieval Fair / CMRS Lecture Series, 2017-18

Ann Marie Eckart (Medieval Fair), Joe Sullivan (German), and Joyce Coleman (English; CMRS) are working on next year's roster of Medieval Fair / CMRS Lecture Series speakers. Watch this space!


The Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies, a division of the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Oklahoma, promotes the study of the period in Western history that saw the development of such major components of modern life as parliamentary democracy, the nation-state, English and other modern languages, printing, Islam, global exploration, heliocentric astronomy, romantic love--and the universities in which we research and teach all these subjects.Some thirty-five faculty at OU contribute to the study of these and many other facets of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.
     Our newly revived Medieval & Renaissance Studies minor allows students to pursue an interdisciplinary study of literature, language, history, history of science, art, architecture, and religion, supported by visits to OU's Special Collections.
     By supporting our faculty and students, sponsoring brown-bag talks, and cosponsoring a free public lecture series with the Medieval Fair of Norman, OU’s Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies seeks to enrich the intellectual environment for medievalists and early modernists on campus and across the region. Other opportunities are in the works. Come join us!
     OU's CMRS was founded by Keith Busby, then of the university's Modern Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics Department. Prof. Busby was succeeded by Luis Cortest, of the same department. Since 2013 the director has been Joyce Coleman (joyce.coleman@ou.edu), Bambas Professor of Medieval English Literature & Culture, English Department.