About the Norman community:

Norman is a vibrant community that offers highly ranked educational institutions (Norman Public Schools, Moore-Norman Career Technology and University of Oklahoma), parks, museums, library, recreational facilities, cultural events, sporting events and quality dining. Norman boasts 25 festivals and events each year, 6 golf courses, historical attractions, shopping and antique shops. 93.7% of the population holds a high school diploma or higher and 51.9% hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher. The 2010 census records 112,551 people, with a 50/50 split female/male; 82% white; median age 29.4 years; median family income (2009) is $64,318; poverty rate 17%; median home value is $160,329; median real estate tax $1140; valuation is 12% of fair market value per $1000 of assessed value; ad valorem is $113.09 per $1000; median rent $600; personal income tax 5.5%; Norman sales tax rate 3.75%; state of Oklahoma sales tax rate 4.5%; unemployment rate 4.3%; total student enrollment in Norman Public Schools is 14,366. The cost of living is 6% below the national average. The 5 major employers are The University of Oklahoma, Norman Regional Hospital, Norman Public Schools, Riverwind Casinos and Johnson Controls.