We hope the Convocation ceremony will be a special occasion for you, your family and friends. The College of Arts and Sciences Convocation is scheduled for 7 pm, Friday, December 16 in Lloyd Noble Center, 2900 Jenkins Avenue. Entry doors open to the public at 5:45 p.m. Graduates need to be at the LNC no later than 6:15 p.m.


The National Weather Service in Norman has issued a winter weather advisory for today through 7am on Sunday morning.

Bitter cold temperatures and sub-zero wind chills will require extra safety precautions, so bundle up and proceed with caution as you leave the ceremony.

Any wet areas on steps, sidewalks and parking lots could be slick, so please be careful returning to your vehicles.

While traveling on Saturday afternoon and evening, please stay aware of the local weather and road conditions.

Drive slowly. Drive safely.

On the day of convocation, graduates are asked to enter in the Southwest corner of the Lloyd Noble Center. Please see the map of the building located at the bottom of this page. Graduates will walk down many stair steps while processing into the arena.  Please wear appropriate shoes. During the ceremony, graduates will have their names read and photographs taken while crossing the stage and shaking hands with the dean and the department chair or school director. Graduates will later be contacted by Party Pics and offered an opportunity to purchase these photographs.

All graduates are asked to return to their seats after receiving their diplomas and await the end of the ceremony before departing. 

If you need to register accommodations on the basis of accessibility please complete the following link: CASFallConvocation_Accessibility_F16. For additional information or accommodations on the basis of accessibility, contact the Academic Services Office at (405) 325-4411 or (405) 325-2828 or casas@ou.edu.


All bags will be searched upon entry into The Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, Lloyd Noble Center and the T. Howard McCasland Field House for Commencement and Convocations. Prohibited items must be returned to the owner's car or discarded. Any unlawful items are subject to confiscation, and the person in possession is subject to arrest.

Prohibited Items and Searches

Students and guests are asked to leave behind certain items that are prohibited because of security reasons. All who enter The Gaylord Family – Oklahoma Memorial Stadium for Commencement, or the Lloyd Noble Center for Convocation are subject to search, as are all carried items.
Except for items pertaining to medical conditions or child care, all bags, backpacks, large cases for binoculars or other items, fanny packs and large purses (larger than 10-inch-by-10-inch) are prohibited. Prohibited items must be returned to the owner’s car or discarded, and any unlawful items are subject to confiscation.
Other prohibited items include:

  • alcoholic and other beverages (empty water bottles will be allowed and water is available for purchase inside the stadium)
  • balloons
  • banners and signs
  • beach balls
  • explosives
  • fanny packs
  • food and beverages
  • folding chairs or stools
  • ice chests, coolers and other similar containers
  • hover boards
  • laser pointers
  • all noise makers (e.g., air horns, whistles)
  • pets (other than service animals)
  • personal heaters
  • selfie sticks
  • umbrellas
  • weapons

Items that are allowed for Commencement and Convocations only include stadium seats as described above, cameras and video cameras, baby strollers and baby seats.

Guests also are reminded that all facilities of the University of Oklahoma are tobacco, electronic cigarette and vaping device-free. The use of all tobacco products including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and smokeless tobacco, electronic cigarettes and vaping devices is prohibited anywhere on the OU grounds or campus.

Admissible items for Commencement and Convocations only: Baby Strollers, Baby Seats, Umbrellas and Video Cameras

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Convocation

Winter Convocation is set for 7 p.m., Friday, Dec. 16 at the Lloyd Noble Center, 2900 S. Jenkins, Norman, Okla.

1. What's the difference between Commencement and Convocation?

Commencement is the university-wide ceremony held each Spring that recognizes all bachelors, masters, and doctoral graduates from all of the Norman campus colleges. Each of the college's bachelor and master students are presented by the dean of the college to the President of the University as a group, with the request to grant them their degrees. Only the doctoral graduates receive individual recognition at the university-wide Commencement ceremony. The College of Arts and Sciences Convocation individually recognizes each baccalaureate and masters graduate. Each student’s name is read by an announcer, he or she is congratulated by the dean, and an official graduation photo is taken.

2. Do I need to get tickets or make reservations for my friends and family members?

Neither tickets nor reservations are needed for your guests to attend Convocation. Ample seating is available in Lloyd Noble Center. Guests should enter through the east entry doors of Lloyd Noble Center. The doors will open one hour prior to the start of the ceremony. The west side of the arena will be closed so that staging for the processional can take place.

To ensure that all graduates are appropriately recognized, guests are asked to remain seated throughout the ceremony. Guests will not be allowed on the floor of the arena for photographs until the ceremony has concluded. A professional photographer will be on hand to take photographs as graduates cross the stage. Photos may be purchased later through Party Pics of Norman.

3. What is the best way to access the Lloyd Noble Center with a wheelchair?

Marked handicapped parking is available on the southeast side of the Lloyd Noble Center parking lot, and the best entrance to use to the building is at the lower southeast corner, near the Chesapeake Energy Courtside Club.

Once inside the building, greeters will help direct you to the elevator at the south end of the arena. Reserved seating for guests in wheelchairs and their attendants is available on the east side of the arena, just behind sections LE3 and LE4, and on the north side of the arena at sections LN4 and LN5. For a map of handicapped entrances, please see the bottom of this page.

Graduates with mobility challenges (wheelchair, walker, crutches, etc.) should contact Paola Lopez (405) 325-2828, casas@ou.edu or complete the linked form CASFallConvocation_Accessibility_F16 for information regarding convenient participation in Convocation.

4. Is there a rehearsal for graduating seniors prior to Dec. 16?

Given the large number of graduates we recognize at Convocation, we do not offer a rehearsal for students. Detailed instructions are included in your Convocation announcement and posted on the website at cas.ou.edu.

5. Will my name be called and a graduation photograph taken?

Yes, your name will be called and a graduation photo will be taken at the college Convocation.

6. Will my name be listed in the program?

If you are an undergraduate or graduate and you have filed a graduation application card with the Hobson Academic Services Center, your name should be listed in the university-wide Spring Commencement program. For a free copy of the OU May Commencement program, send your mailing information and the number of copies you would like receive to graduatesooner@ou.edu or call (405) 325-0841.

7. How will the announcer know to call my name if reservations aren't made?

You will be given a card when you arrive on location on the day of convocation. You will write your name on that card, as you want it to be announced, provide your permanent mailing address, and your degree and department. As you approach the stage, you will hand the card to the announcer, who will read your name as you cross the stage and are congratulated by your department chair and the deans. The card will then be given to the photographers so they can notify you when your photos are ready for viewing.

8. Will I be able to participate in the Spring university-wide Commencement?

Yes, we strongly encourage you to come back to campus and complete your academic experience through this ceremony. You've worked hard to achieve this level of success and both the university-wide Commencement and the college Convocation celebrate your accomplishment with friends and family! Visit their website for more information at http://www.ou.edu/commencement/

NOTE: You will need to wear a cap and gown to participate in either the Commencement ceremony or the Convocation ceremony. These may be purchased by contacting the OU Bookstore at (405/325-3511.)

Handicapped seating available through the southeast entrance to the Lloyd Noble, near the Kerr McGee Courtside Club.

December convocation setupProcessional for graduates participating in Fall Convocation.