Arts and Sciences students must be advised prior to enrolling for each semester. If you are an Arts and Sciences student, your advising is done by your departmental advisor within your major. It is a good idea for you to contact your departmental advisor in October for spring advising, and March for summer and fall advising. Please refer to the list below for information regarding departmental advisors.

The Hobson Academic Services office advises new transfer students for their first semester at OU. For subsequent semesters, the transfer student should go to his or her departmental advisor. The Hobson Academic Services office is also here to help students with graduation/degree checks, course withdrawals, and other such actions.


Department/SchoolAdvisorPhone Number
African and African American StudiesCandeh Powell (405) 325-2327
AnthropologyJessica Blanchard/Dr. Karl Rambo(405) 325-3261
ArabicDr. Mohammad Al-Masri(405)325-0774
AstronomyDr. John Wisniewski(405) 325-3961
AstrophysicsDr. John Wisniewski(405) 325-3961
BiochemistryLance Goins/faculty(405) 325-4121
Botany/Plant BiologyDr. Wayne Elisens(405) 325-5923
ChemistryLance Goins/faculty(405) 325-4121
ChineseDr. Nian Liu/Yanrong Qi(405) 325-2992
ClassicsFaculty Advisors(405) 325-6921
CommunicationShay Glover(405) 325-7710
EconomicsBuchanan Vrazel(405) 325-4307
EnglishBrett Burkhart(405) 325-2004
Environmental StudiesDr. Dave Hambright(405)325-3828
Ethics and Religion - PhilosophyFaculty Advisors(405) 325-6324
Film and Video StudiesOdette Horton(405) 325-3020
FrenchDr. Michael Winston(405) 325-5088
GermanShawn Gralla(405) 325-1467
Health and Exercise ScienceKati Miller/ Megan Denney(405) 325-5211
HistorySarah Olzawski (405) 325-4411
History of ScienceStella Stuart(405)325-6026
Human RelationsZach Kampf(405) 325-1756
Information StudiesSarah Connelly(405) 325-3921
ItalianDaniela Busciglio(405) 325-5082
LettersFaculty Advisors(405) 325-6921
LinguisticsDr. Dylan Herrick(405) 325-1548
MathematicsDr. Catherine Hall(405) 325-2727
MicrobiologyFaculty Advisors(405) 325-1492
Multidisciplinary StudiesJustin Wollenberg, Ryan Peters, Candeh Powell, Barton Hannah(405) 325-4411
Native American StudiesFaculty Advisors(405) 325-2312
PhilosophyFaculty Advisors(405) 325-6324
PhysicsDr. Michael Strauss(405) 325-3961
Planned Program-Social Sciences and Organizational StudiesDeborah Hensley-Luczycki(405) 325-5972
Political ScienceJamieVaughn(405) 325-6429
Pre-LawLori DeKalb(405) 325-1596
Pre-Med, Pre-Dent, Pre-Optometry, Pre-Phys AssocNancy Blass/Katie Hughes(405) 325-2457/ (405) 325-3099
Public Affairs and AdministrationJamie Vaughn(405) 325-6429
PsychologyDavetta Geimausaddle / Megan Haley(405) 325-4640
Religious Studies(Ms.) Lee Green(405) 325-4594
RussianDr. Emily Johson(405) 325-5041
(Pre) Social WorkDr. Cristina Miller(405) 325-2821
Social WorkDr. Cristina Miller(405) 325-2821
SociologyDeborah Hensley-Luczychi(405) 325-5972
Sociology-CriminologyDeborah Hensley-Luczychi(405) 325-5972
SpanishShawn Gralla(405) 325-2425
UndecidedJustin Wollenberg(405) 325-4411
Women's and Gender Studies*Contact Department (405) 325-3481
Zoology/BiologyDiana Wilson/Dustye Bailey (405) 325-5661