Academic Advising

The Economics Undergraduate Advisor is Buchanan Vrazel.  The academic advisor is a connecting point and guide that helps students graduate on time, stay on track, find resources, and avoid pitfalls while in college. The academic advisor also assists students with academic planning, declaring/changing majors, degree requirements, and setting educational and career goals.

Buchanan is located is Room 156 of Cate Center 1 and can be reached at Buchanan at  In the Department of Economics, the advisor has office hours from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday – Friday.  To schedule an individual advising appointment, please visit In fact, as a student in the College of Arts and Sciences, you are required to meet with your advisor before you can enroll in any courses. 

The advisor maintains an open door policy and is usually available for walk-in visits. Making an appointment at is preferred, especially during registration windows and drop/add deadlines. When contacting the advisor via email, please include your student identification number with any course and sections numbers. 

The Economics Graduate Advisor is Dr. Gregory Burge.  He can be contacted at gburge at or 405.325.2358.  For questions about application materials and other inquiries, contact Tami Kinsey at tkinsey at or 405.325.2863.    

But wait, there's more! Academic advisors provide information on rules and regulations, graduation requirements, transfer issues, study abroad and other co-curricular opportunities, class scheduling and life after graduation. They also have information on all types of campus resources that will help you be successful during your collegiate career and beyond. An academic advisor directly advises students but also has other responsibilities such as updating student records, recruitment, program coordination, advising student groups, preparation of printed material, and participation on campus/departmental committees. 

Degree Requirements and How to Declare the Economics Major/Minor

Requirements for a B.A. in Economics (College of Art and Sciences)

Requirements for a Minor in Economics

Declare an Economics Major / Minor

Download and print the current 2014-2015 OU Academic Calendar

Please pay close attention to add/drop dates and the deadline to file for graduation.

Academic Misconduct

All undergraduate students are expected to be familiar with what constitutes academic misconduct. Misconduct or plagiarism in the writing of any paper is a very serious offense and will be punished accordingly. For information about what constitutes misconduct and plagiarism as well as the University’s procedures for academic misconduct, click here.

Attendance Policy

The Economics department reserves the right to drop students from Economics courses for non-attendance during the first week of classes or failure to meet course prerequisites. Students who wish to drop Economics courses after enrollment still have the responsibility for the drop. This means that the student cannot quit going to class and assume that he/she has been dropped from the course. Assuming you have been dropped from a course can lead to a failing grade.

Math Transfer Coursework and Economics

Math transfer courses below the Calculus level are not acceptable pre-requisites for OU Economics courses. Any students transferring pre-calculus courses to OU and wish to take Economics courses must attain a satisfactory score on the Math placement test offered by the Assessment and Learning Center of University College. Once the student has attained a satisfactory score on the Math placement test the student will need to contact the Economics department’s academic counselor for Electronic Special Permission to the desired Economics course or courses. Student transferring Calculus I or higher can waive the placement test and receive Electronic Special Permission to OU Economics courses.

Capstone Course Requirements

Students must meet the prerequisites for the capstone course (ECON 4983) before permission will be granted to take it. This means the student has successfully completed ECON 1113, 1123, 2843, 3113 and 3133 with a grade of “C” or higher.  It is important to take these courses before your final semester.  A student cannot take the capstone concurrently with any of the prerequisites.  Preference is given to students that are graduating.  If there are open seats after that, students that meet the prerequisites are able to enroll in the course.

Independent study and individual research courses (directed readings, ECON 3880) are NOT suitable as substitutions for regular capstone courses. The Economics Capstone (ECON 4983) MUST be completed at the University of Oklahoma.

Correspondence Courses/Independent Study

College of Arts and Sciences students who have earned at least 100 credit hours and are currently enrolled in courses on the Norman campus may not enroll in Independent Study classes.

Graduation Checks

Although you are required to see the academic advisor before each course registration period, it is also important to have a graduation check. An advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences will review your course work to certify your graduation status once you have earned 90 credit hours. You can set up an appointment by following the this link:

If you have questions or would like further information, please contact our undergraduate advisor. When contacting the advisor via email please include your student identification number with any course and sections numbers.

Department of Economics
308 Cate Center Drive
Room 158
Norman, OK 73019
Phone: (405) 325-2861