Seminar Series - Fall 2017

9/01Tyler Ransom
University of Oklahoma

9/8Georgia Kosmopoulou 
University of Oklahoma

"Dealer Networks in the World of Art"
9/15Taeyoung Doh
Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

"Trend and Uncertainty in the Long-term Real Interest Rate: Bayesian Exponential Tilting with Survey Data"
9/22Olga Timoshenko
George Washington University

"The EMG Distribution and Trade Elasticities"
9/29Joan Hamory Hicks
University of California, Berkeley CEGA

"Does Mass Deworming Affect Child Nutrition?  Meta-Analysis, Cost-Effectiveness, and Statistical Power"
10/6David Van Der Goes
University of New Mexico

"Determinants of Private Health Insurance Coverage Among Mexican American Woman 2012-2015"
10/13No Seminar

OU Texas Weekend
10/20Drew Creal
University of Chicago

"Multi-horizon Currency Returns and Purchasing Power Parity" 
10/27Mark Rosenzweig
Yale University

"Are There Too Many Farms in the World?  Labor-Market Transaction Costs, Machine Capacities and Optimal Farm Size"
11/3Madeline Zavodny 
University of North Florida

"Hispanics in the U.S. Labor Market:  A Tale of Three Generations"
11/10Thomas Jeitschko Michigan State University

"Welfare Effects of Certification Under Latent Adverse Selection"
11/17Anthony Dukes University of Southern California

"Personalized Pricing with Superior Information on Consumers' Valuations"
11/24No Seminar

12/1Eugenio Miravete
University of Texas, Austin

12/8No Seminar
Last Day of Classes

Seminars will be held in Gaylord Hall Room 2030 at 3:00 pm unless otherwise noted.

Seminar Series - Spring 2017

3/03Asli Leblebicioglu
University of Texas, Dallas

"Trade Liberalization and Investment in Foreign Capital Goods:  Evidence from India."
3/17No Seminar 

Spring Break
3/24Olivier Deschenes
University of California, Santa Barbara

"Weather and Death in India:  Implications for Climate Change"
*Wednesday Brownbag Seminar
Daniel Reck
University of California, Berkeley

"Do Minimum Wages for Young Workers Raise Their Employment?  Evidence from a Danish Discontinuity."
3/31John Patty
University of Chicago
Joint with Carl Albert Center

"How the Legislative Agenda Can Drive Polarization"
4/07Drew Creal
University of Chicago

Seminar Cancelled 
4/14Jeffrey Wooldridge
Michigan State University

"Testing and Correcting Endogeneity in Nonlinear Unobserved Effects Models"
4/21Nancy Qian
Yale University

Seminar Cancelled
4/28Ozkan Eren
Louisiana State University

"The Effects of Teacher Incentives on Student Outcomes:  Evidence from Louisiana Teacher Advancement Program"
5/5Joaquin Blaum
Brown University

"Importing, Exporting and Aggregate Productivity in Large Devaluations"

Seminars will be held in Gaylord Hall Room 2030 at 3:00 pm unless otherwise noted.

*Note: Wednesday Brownbag Seminars will be held in Cate Center 1 Room 326 from 12:00pm-1:00pm 

Seminar Series - Fall 2016

8/26**James Lake
Southern Methodist University

Are Global Trade Negotiations Behind a Fragmented World of ‘Gated Globalization'?
9/2Kevin Grier
University of Oklahoma

Seminar Cancelled

9/9Jeff Prince
Indiana University

The Empirical Economics of Online Attention.
9/23Jonathan Williams
UNC-Chapel Hill

A Snapshot of The Current State of Residential Broadband Networks
9/30Karam Kang
Carnegie Mellon University

Winning by Default:  Why is There So Little Competition in Government Procurement?
10/7No Seminar

OU Texas Weekend
10/14James Hartigan
University of Oklahoma

Punching out of One's Weight Class? Cross-Agreement Retaliation in the WTO
10/21Danila Serra
Southern Methodist University

The Industrial Organization of Corruption:  Competition, Communication and Citizen Reporting
10/28Nitya Pandalai-Nayar

Multinationals, Offshoring and the Decline of U.S. Manufacturing
11/4Hugh Cassidy
Kansas State

The Occupational Attainment of Legal and Undocumented Immigrants
11/11James Zilliak
University of Kentucky

Welfare Reform and the Intergenerational Transmission of Dependence
11/18Sarah Larson
 University of Central Florida

The Unemployment Insurance and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs as a Safety Net in the Great Recession Evidence from the State of Georgia
11/25No Seminar

Fall Break
12/2Daniel Larson
University of Oklahoma

The Determinants of Earnings for U.S. Professional Road Cyclists:  Individual Tournaments Practiced in Teams

*Note: Seminars will be held in Gaylord Hall Room 2020 at 3 pm.

** August 26th Seminar will be held in Cate Center 1 Room 338 

Seminar Series - Spring 2016

2/05Saleh S. Tabrizy
University of Oklahoma

Industrial Research and Development and Exchange Rate Depreciation in a Small Open Economy
2/19Svetlana Demidova
McMaster University

Trade Policy, Firm Heterogeneity, and Variable Markups
2/26**Joel Rodrigue
Vanderbilt University

Does Importing Intermediates Increase the Demand for Skilled Workers? Plant-Level Evidence from Indonesia
3/04Christoph Rothe
Columbia University

Identification and Inference in Regression Discontinuity Designs with a Manipulated Running Variable
3/11Daniel Nedelescu
University of Oklahoma

Alpha-Final Offer Arbitration and Risk Preferences
3/18No Seminar
Spring Break


3/25Emily Conover
Hamilton College

Missing Men and Female Labor Market Outcomes:  Evidence from Large-Scale Mexican Migration

4/01Ken Wilbur
UCSD Marketing

Reminders of Others in Print-at-Home Coupons

4/08Erik Kimbrough
Simon Frasier University

Kinship, Fractionalization, and Corruption

4/15Thomas Lemieux

The Minimum Wage, Turnover, and the Shape of the Wage Distribution

4/22Yuya Takahashi
Johns Hopkins

Preemptive Entry and Technology Diffusion in the Market for Drive-in Theaters



5/06Matt Weinberg


*Note: Seminars will be held in Gaylord Hall Room 2020 at 3 pm.

** February 26th Seminar will be held in Cate Center 1 Room 338 

Seminar Series - Fall 2015

9/18Seema Jayachandran
Northwestern University

“Why Are Indian Children So Short?”
9/25Melinda Petre
UC Irvine

"Are Employers Omniscient? Employer Learning About Cognitive and Noncognitive Skills"
10/2Elira Kuka
Southern Methodist University

"Women's Enfranchisement and Children's Education: the Long-Run Impact of the U.S. Suffrage Movement"

10/9No Seminar
OU-Texas Weekend

10/16Chris Conlon
Columbia University

"Wholesale Prices, Retail Prices and the Lumpy Pass-Through of Alcohol Taxes"

10/23Whitney Newey

"Individual Heterogeneity, Nonlinear Budget Sets, and Taxable Income"

10/30John Winters
Oklahoma State University

"Do STEM and Non-STEM College Graduates Increase Innovation? Evidence from U.S. Metropolitan Areas"

11/6Henry Wang

"A Model of Partial Sequential Search."

11/13Owen Ozier
World Bank

"A Firm of One's Own: Experimental Evidence on Credit Constraints and Occupational Choice"

11/27No seminar
Thanksgiving Holiday

12/4Mahmut Yasar
University of Texas-Arlington

"Export Market Diversification and Firm Productivity: Evidence from a Large Developing Country" 


Seminar Series - Spring 2015

2/20Dongsoo Shin
Santa Clara

Incentives and Management Styles
2/27Gregory N. Price
Langston University

Does Productivity in the Formal Food Sector Drive Ebola Virus Infections in Sub-Saharan Africa? .pdf
3/6Henry Wang

A Model of Partial Search
3/13Jun Ma

What Drives Commodity Returns? Market, Sector, or Idiosyncratic Factors? 
3/20Spring Break
No Seminar

3/27Gary Hoover

Plagiarism in the Economics Profession 
4/3Brian McManus
UNC Chapel Hill

Treatment Choice Dynamics with Insurance Mandates: The Case of In Vitro Fertilization .pdf
4/10Gordon Anderson

Convergence and Mobility in the World Size Distribution of GNP per capita: Semiparametric Country Classification Sans Frontiers 
4/17Jason Brown
Kansas City Fed

Private Royalties from U.S. Onshore Oil and Gas Production: Their Size, Geographic Distribution, and Determinants 
4/24Miriam Bruhn
World Bank

Impace of Consulting Services on Small and Medium Enterprises: Evidence from a Randomized Trial in Mexico .pdf app.
5/1Sarah Baird
George Washington

"The Effects of Receiving Cash Transfers as Adolescents on Future Outcomes."