Masters - Managerial Economics through Advanced Programs

The Department of Economics admits Graduate students only in the fall semester. For more information please see the MA Handbook. The Department of Economics offers the following tracks for a Master's Degree:

Department of Economics MA:         Managerial Track

MA - Managerial Program Summary

Masters - Managerial Track
This degree is designed for those students who expect to pursue a managerial career in business or government and prefer a course of study that emphasizes the applications of economics to the problems of these areas. It is a terminal degree. Those students who have the objective of further graduate study to the doctoral level should choose the applied track of the master's program.

The MA-Managerial Economics Degree is currently offered via two venues on OU’s main campus. Most of the required courses and electives are offered through the College of Continuing Education’s Advanced Programs in an intensive format, involving pre-class preparation, pre- and post-class assignments, and 1 week or 2 weekends on site. For information on the Advanced Programs Managerial Economics master’s degree program, click here. The Department of Economics also offers a few semester-long electives on main campus.

Students who do not hold a masters degree but who are interested in pursuing a Ph.D. can apply directly to the Ph.D. Program. They do not have to apply to the masters program. Masters program applicants will not generally considered for financial aid.

The MA-managerial degree requires (1) successful completion of 32 hours of coursework as described below, (2) a pass grade on the MA Comprehensive Examination, and (3) fulfillment of a research paper requirement.

Program Information and Inquiries
Advanced Programs - Norman Campus:
Bethany Neubauer / Carmen Weeks (405) 325-3333
Advanced Programs Economics Advising:
Dr. Aparna Mitra (405) 325-5859
Economics Department Graduate Program Advising: Dr. Gregory Burge(405) 325-2358

Core Coursework (14 credit hours of required coursework):*Note: Most of the required and elective courses are offered via the Advanced Programs on the Norman campus (AP-NOR). Courses are also available at other AP sites. For current schedule see MA-Managerial Program Summary.

ECON 5023 Statistics for Decision Making (not currently offered on main campus)

Alternative: MATH 4753 Applied Statistical Methods

ECON 5033 Managerial Economics I (AP-NOR)
ECON 5073 Contemporary Economic Methods and Analysis (AP-NOR)

ECON 5043 Managerial Economics II (AP-NOR)
Alternative: ECON 5853 World Economic Development

Research Paper (2 hours-taken in last semester upon completion of required coursework) ECON 5940 Research in Economic Problems. A faculty supervisor must be arranged before a student can enroll in ECON 5940.

Electives (18 credit hours)All electives must be approved by the academic advisor. Up to 12 hours of electives may be courses outside of economics (for example, MBA courses). Note that some 4000 level economics courses can be taken for graduate credit (up to 12 hours total) and counted as electives for the Managerial Economics track. Many 5000 and 6000 level economics courses are Ph.D. level courses and not open to Managerial Economics track students. Please consult with the academic advisor regarding appropriate economics electives.

Comprehensive Examination
This is based on the core coursework and economics electives. It can be taken after all 30 hours of formal coursework (except ECON 5940) have been completed. Students must be enrolled in 2 credit hours (typically ECON 5940) the semester it is taken. One retake is allowed. The exam is offered the first Friday in November, last Friday in March, and last Friday in June.

Admissions Requirements
Applicants are evaluated on an individual basis. The selection committee admits students who display the aptitude, scholarship and analytical skills necessary to successfully complete an advanced degree.

Graduate College Admissions Requirements:
1.      A minimum of a “B” average over the last 60 hours of undergraduate study or 12 hours of graduate study
2.      Non-native English speakers need a TOEFL score of at least 550 or an acceptable alternative (see admissions requirements at

Recommended Previous Coursework:
1.      Intermediate level microeconomics and macroeconomics
2.      Basic statistics and business calculus

Application Process
Advanced Programs accepts applications on a continuing rolling basis. Students must submit a completed application and fee (online option is available), along with (1) transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate coursework, and (2) TOEFL scores for applicants from non-English speaking nations, to:

University of Oklahoma OCCE Registration and Records 1700 Asp Avenue, Room B-1 Norman, OK 73072-6400.

The Department of Economics only accepts students for fall admission. To apply via the Economics Department, submit all materials listed above to OU’s Office of Admissions, 1000 Asp Avenue, Norman, OK 73019-4076, and send (1) letters of recommendation, and (2) a statement of purpose directly to: MA-Managerial Economics Program, Economics Department, 308 Cate Center Drive, Room 158, Norman, OK

Admissions Deadline
Advanced Programs has no deadlines. 

The Economics Department does not generally fund MA students.

Academic Misconduct
All graduate students are expected to be familiar with what constitutes academic misconduct. Misconduct or plagiarism in the writing the master’s paper or any other paper is a very serious offense and will be punished accordingly. For information about what constitutes misconduct and plagiarism as well as the University’s procedures for academic misconduct, click here.

Contact Information
Advanced Programs-Norman: Bethany Neubauer / Carmen Weeks, (405) 325-3333
Advanced Programs Economics Advising: Dr. Aparna Mitra (405) 325-5859
Economics Department Graduate Program Director: Dr. Burge (405) 325-2358