Tutors and Resources

*Names on this list is do not represent a formal endorsement by the department.  Your best source of information is faculty office hours, your TA, and your classmates.

 Action Tutoring Wagner Hall 245 325.2HLC Action Tutoring 
  Student Learning Center 325.7261 studentlearning  ou.edu 
  Adams Dorm Muldrow 105   
 Samuel Absher
 308 Cate 1 CCD1 Rm 222
  sabsher117 at gmail stats/econ
 Kaelan  Washington By Appointment 918.313.0217 kaelan.m.washington  at ou calc/int.macro
 Ben Russell By Appointment 321.663.4294 brrussell93 at gmail micro/macro
 Akash Bhojwani By Appointment  akashbhojwani at gmail stats
 Clayton  Williams By Appointment 405.996.6559 clayw.ou at gmail stats/micro/macro/4970
 James Reavis By Appointment  james.reavis at ou stats/micro/macro
 Joseph Phillips By Appointment   joseph.phillips at ou micro/calc
 Natalie Cook  By Appointment  natalie.c.cook-1 at ou stats/micro
 OU Econ Club Official Econ Club Website  Available Tutoring 
 Online Tutorials Free Southwest Learning  Modules   SW Learning 
  Free Online Learning   Khan Academy 
  JANUX Stat  ECON 2843 
  Micro Resources   Krugman Micro 3e 
 Econ TA's Office Hours  GTA Office Hours