English Minor Requirements

Are you interested in English but don’t have enough time to major in it? You can always choose an English minor.

Students who want to minor in English can choose to minor in either Literature and Cultural Studies or Writing. In either case, students must earn at least six (6) credit hours in courses acceptable for residence credit by standards set forth by the College of Arts and Sciences, excluding transfer, correspondence, and examination (AP, CLEP, Advanced Standing) credit. Courses for the minor may not be taken Pass/No Pass.

 Literature and Cultural Studies Minor 

Students must successfully complete at least fifteen (15) hours of courses acceptable for major credit in English, including nine (9) hours at the upper-division level. Students may not apply hours from first-year English (ENGL 1113, ENGL 1213) or from English courses designated as Writing courses (see below) to a minor in Literary and Cultural Studies.

 Writing Minor 

Students must successfully complete at least fifteen (15) hours in writing courses beyond the first-year level, at least nine (9) hours at the upper-division level. Writing courses that fulfill the requirements for the minor in Writing include:

ENGL 2113, Expository Writing
ENGL 2123, Creative Writing
ENGL 2133, Autobiographical Writing
ENGL 3103, Topics in Advanced Composition
ENGL 3123, Fiction Writing
ENGL 3133, Poetry Writing
ENGL 3143, Studies in Literacy and Rhetoric
ENGL 3153, Technical Writing
ENGL 3163, Writing, Rhetoric, and Histories of Technology
ENGL 3173, Histories of Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology
ENGL 3223, Oklahoma Writers/Writing Oklahoma
ENGL 4103, Writing Workshop
ENGL 4943, Advanced Creative Nonfiction Writing