Summer 2012 Options In Europe through Arts and Sciences

These programs are open to all University of Oklahoma students. 

Clicking on a program opens the online brochure and lets you begin an application through the main Education Abroad site.

France:  French Film and The Graphic Novel - This new program offers the following two courses:  FVS 3843: Topics in National Cinemas:  French Film, and ENGL 3403 - The Graphic NovelCanons of Angouleme, taught  by Professors Victoria Sturtevant and James Zeigler.    The Graphic Novel course fulfills the Artistic Forms General Education requirement and the film course is pending approval for Western Civilization General Education.  The program takes place in Clermont-Ferrand, based at the Université Blaise Pascal.  The 4-week program will begin in late May.

Economics in France -  This program, first offered in Summer of 2010, is being redesigned for Summer 2012. It is based in Clermont-Ferrand. The program will be six weeks long. Lex Holmes, Chair of Economics, will again lead the program and will teach both ECON 3113 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory, and ECON 2843 Elements of Statistics.  A French language and culture class will be offered free of charge to participants.  More details will be posted in early November.  Students interested in learning more before the details are posted here should contact Karen Elmore, 325-4716, to have their names entered on the interest list for email updates.

Germany – MLLL 3823: German Thought and Culture taught in Norman, followed by one or two intensive German language sessions at the Universität Leipzig. Excursion week after Session I includes Weimar, Berlin, and Wittenberg.

June in Ireland –Two courses: "Myth and Revolution in Irish literature" and "Travel Writing in Ireland" will be the offered in cooperation with University College Cork.  Instructors are George Cusack and Eric Bosse.  Field trips to areas outside of Cork will complement the academic content.

July in Ireland -This session of the Ireland program focuses on political science and sociology. Professor Keith Gaddie will teach P Sci 4653:  Politics, Literature and Film:  Irish Modernists and Irish Nationalism.   The second course, taught by Professor and Associate Dean Kelly Damphousse, is SOC 3900:  Sociology of Terrorism.  More details will be available later in the Fall 2011 semester.

June in Italy- Organic Chemistry I/Chemistry and Culture of Wine. Professors Daniel Glatzhofer and Mark Morvant will once again teach this program after a very successful first run in 2011. The courses offered are CHEM 3053 Organic Chemistry I, plus CHEM 4970 Chemistry and Culture of Wine.  The program begins in Rome and moves to its base in Arezzo.  Field trips to businesses in the wine industry and to Florence complement the academic and cultural components of the program.

July in Italy -  Chemistry and Art – Learn about "Chemistry in Art" at the University of Oklahoma’s Center in Arezzo, taught by Professor Ron Halterman. Professor Allison Palmer will teach the second course, AHI 4930 "Italian Renaissance Art and Science." Trips to Rome and Florence complement the lectures. The newly created chemistry course is pending General Education approval for a non-laboratory science. The art history course fulfills the Artistic Forms Gen Ed requirement.

Summer in Russia- New summer program based in St. Petersburg with two courses taught by Professor Emily Johnson of Modern Languages.  MLLL 3543: The Petersburg Myth and Text: The City in Russian Literature, plus a new course on Trauma, Memory and Narrative.    A field trip to the Solovki Islands, site of a former gulag, will complement the content in the second course.  No Russian language required. This link will be active when program details are available early in the Fall 2011 semester.

Scotland – "Cultural Insights into Scotland and the U.S." and "Special Topics in Human Relations," based at the University of Glasgow.  Excursions to other areas of interest outside of Glasgow complement the academic components. Led by Professors Jeanette Davidson, a native Scot, and Tim Davidson, who completed his Ph.D. at the University of Edinburgh.  This program takes place in July.