Post Tenure Review

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Post-Tenure Review Checksheet
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Post-tenure review is a periodic peer-based evaluation of tenured faculty; its purpose is to guide career development. Under this policy each tenured faculty member will be reviewed in the fifth year after being awarded tenure or promotion, whichever is later, and every fifth year thereafter.

Chairs and directors should assist the faculty members in their units to assemble their dossiers for post-tenure review, ensuring that they have the necessary copies of annual faculty evaluations and proposals and reports on sabbatical leaves. The dossier also must include the faculty member’s written self-appraisal of the previous five years of work and future direction, a complete curriculum vitae, and a dossier checksheet signed by the faculty member.

The post-tenure review is conducted by Committee A and the chair/director of the unit (the Post-Tenure Review Committee), unless another arrangement has been approved in writing by the Dean and the Provost. As part of the review, the PTR Committee provides written feedback to the faculty member and signs the Post-Tenure Review Report Checksheet.

In the event that a Professional Development Plan is required, additional procedures are outlined in the Faculty Handbook.