Sabbatical Leaves

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After six years of service, faculty on nine-month appointments may apply for sabbatical leave at half-pay for a period not to exceed two semesters or at full-pay not to exceed one semester. After six years of service, faculty on twelve-month appointments may apply for sabbatical leave at half-pay for a period not to exceed 12 months or at full-pay for a period not to exceed six months. The semesters that are counted toward eligibility for sabbaticals are the fall and spring semesters only and do not include the summer term. Departments may not use One Time Instructional Support funds to cover the cost of instruction for classes that would normally be taught by the faculty member who is on sabbatical. All applications must be accompanied by a recommendation from the chair or director.

The purposes for which a sabbatical leave may be granted include:

  • Research on significant problems and issues
  • Important creative or descriptive work in any means of expression, for example, writing or painting
  • Postdoctoral study at another institution to update teaching skills
  • Other projects satisfactory to the university

At the start of each calendar year, the provost distributes a sabbatical leaves memo, outlining the application deadline dates. The deadlines generally fall in the last week of January for fall or fall and spring applications and mid-July, for spring or spring and fall applications. One month before the Provost’s deadline, the college emails all Arts and Sciences faculty with application and deadline information.

Upon return to university service from a sabbatical leave, faculty are required to submit a sabbatical report to the provost within 60 days.

The Faculty Handbook addresses sabbatical leaves in Section 3.21.1.