Frequently Asked Questions
 for Graduate Applicants


1. When is the deadline to apply?
We have two admissions deadlines each year.

1. January 15 is the deadline for fall admissions with full consideration for financial support in the form of a teaching or research assistantship. It is important that you meet this deadline if you need to be considered for an assistantship in order to enroll.

2. April 15 is the deadline for fall admissions without needing an assistantship. Although there may be assistantships available at this date, there is no guarantee that there will be any assistantships available in a particular year for this later admissions date. The only way to be sure that you will be considered for a teaching or research assistantship is to meet the January 15 deadline. If you do not want or need an assistantship, this deadline will still allow for fall enrollment.

2. Do you admit students in the spring semester?
 No, we only admit students for the fall semester.

3. Where do I send the application materials?
 All materials are now submitted through the online system.
 Online application for the Department of Communication is available at the Graduate College website:
 Graduate admissions, including requirements and application process, is available at:

4. I have questions about TOEFL or English proficiency. Who can help me?
 All questions regarding TOEFL or English proficiency should be directed to the Office Admissions. You can contact them via telephone at 405-325-2252 or check their web site for details at You can also email them

Foreign Students who want to receive a teaching assistantship must pass the English Assessment’s 3 tests – write, speak, and teach. Refer to this link:

5. I’m an international student and have questions about my I-20. Whom should I contact?
 You should contact the International Student Services Office. Their web site is Their phone number is (405) 325-3337.

6. Is there an office that helps international students?
 Yes. Please contact the International Student Services Office. Their web site is Their phone number is (405) 325-3337.

7. Do I need to take the GRE?
 The GRE is required of all Ph.D. applicants and any M.A. applicants who are seeking a graduate teaching or research assistantship. Official GRE scores must be sent to us directly from the Educational Testing Service (ETS). You may provide us a copy of your official scores, but you still must have official scores sent to us.

8. What codes do I use for the GRE?
 The school code is 6879; the Department of Communication code is 4599. 

When selecting score recipients on the day of the test, or sending additional score reports through the GRE website, test takers should type the name or partial name of the department, e.g. “Counseling Psychology”, and the computer will list all department codes that match alphabetically. Test takers should NOT enter a department code number because the computer does not conduct a numeric match.

Test takers are asked to enter the four digit department code only if they are sending scores through the automated phone service. When sending scores online or on the day of the test, they should type in the name of the department, not the numeric code.

9. What scores are expected on the GRE?

We expect the verbal and quantitative scores to equal a combined total of at least 1000 on tests taken before August of 2011 or in the 150 range on both the verbal and quantitative sections on the new scoring system.

10. When should I take the GRE so that you receive the scores before the deadline? 

We advise you to take the GRE at least by the end of Dec, prior to the February 1 deadline. It takes the Education Testing Service 10-15 business days to process your test, and then it’s mailed to the University of Oklahoma where it is processed again. Lastly, it is sent to the department. Please do not wait until the last minute to take the test. Not having your scores may affect your chances at being admitted or receiving an assistantship. We need those scores!

11. If I have only completed my bachelor’s degree, can I apply directly to the Ph.D. program?
 If you have completed your bachelor’s degree, you will automatically be considered for the MA degree only. Once you are in our MA program, you may apply for our Ph.D. program.

12. Do I have to fill out a separate application to apply for an assistantship?
 No. The application for the Department of Communication is an automatic request for a graduate assistantship unless you state otherwise.

13. I don’t want to be considered for a graduate assistantship. What do I need to do?
 On the bottom of the first page of the Department of Communication application, it talks about assistantships. This is where you can decline consideration for an assistantship.

14. How likely is it that I will get an assistantship?
 The number of available assistantships varies each year. We may have as few as one to give out or as many as twelve.

15. How many people apply to your program each year?
 The number varies, of course, but around 80 people apply for our program each year.

16. How many students are admitted each year?
 Approximately 20-30 students are admitted.

17. How soon will I hear whether or not I was admitted?
 Letters of acceptance or denial will be sent approximately mid-March.

18. Whom should I contact if I want to visit the campus and/or Dept of COMM?
 You should contact the faculty Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Claude Miller, if you want to set up a visit to campus. She can best be reached via email at:

19. Whom should I contact if I have general questions about the graduate program or application process?
 Contact Shay Glover, the academic advisor, via email ( or telephone (405) 325-7710.