Odette Horton is the Academic Advisor for Film and Media Studies (FMS). She advises FMS majors and minors on a semester to semester basis to help students make progress on degree requirements, select courses, and find a variety of resources across campus. If you do not find the answer to your advising question in the FAQ’s below, you can contact Odette at 405 325-3020 or email her at

Please Note: If you have elected to have your directory information withheld through the Office of Academic Records, you may not be notified of important academic deadlines. It is your responsibility to be aware of such deadlines.


1. What is Film and Media Studies anyway?
FMS is the discipline that studies and analyzes film, television, and new media. We think about media as an art form, an industry, and a creative practice. Courses in FMS cover media production as well as media history and theory. They tend to focus on fictional narrative film and media, as opposed to documentary or avant-garde traditions.

2. I want to make films. Is FMS the major for me?
Sure. Over half of the FMS curriculum consists of FMS Major Electives and Guided Electives. The FMS Core requirements are all film studies courses, like “Introduction to Film and Media Studies,” “Film and Media History to 1960” and “1960 to Present,” and “Media Theories and Methodologies,” but you can choose to take production courses to fulfill your elective requirements.

3. I want to change my major to FMS. What should I do?
You need to go to the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Academic Services office, Ellison Hall, 1st floor. Be sure to bring a photo ID.

4. Who is the FMS advisor? How do I get in touch?
Odette Horton is the FMS advisor. You can call her at 405 325-3020 or email her at

5. How do I know when to get advised?
You will receive an email during the Fall and Spring semesters prompting you to schedule an appointment to with Odette to get advised.

6. How do I schedule an advising appointment?
If you are a declared FMS major, you can log on to iAdvise to schedule an appointment. You will see Odette’s name there. If you are an FMS minor or have not declared the FMS major yet, you will not be able to schedule an appointment on iAdvise. In that case, call the FMS office (405 325-3020) and ask to schedule an appointment.

7. My friend who is a Business major never has to get advised. Why do I have to?
FMS is housed in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS). All students in CAS must be advised to have their advising hold removed. It is CAS policy.

8. When does advising start?
Advising for the Spring and Summer terms generally starts mid-October. Advising for the Fall term typically starts mid-March.

9. How long does an advising appointment take?
Allow yourself a full half-hour for advising.

10. I am a Freshman. Can I get advised in the department by Odette?
As a Freshman, you must be advised in University College (or Honor’s College, if applicable). Only those advisors can lift your advising hold. However, if you would like to visit with Odette about your classes, schedule, or graduation plan, you can call the FMS office to schedule an appointment to see Odette.

11. I have just been accepted to OU as a New Transfer Student. Where do I get advised?
New Transfer Students must be advised in the College of Arts and Sciences Academic Services office. Call them at 405 325-4411 to schedule an appointment.

12. I am an FMS minor. Do I need to be advised for the minor?
No, you are not required to be advised for the minor. However, if you would like to speak with Odette about the minor, you can call the FMS office to schedule an appointment to see her. Be sure to consult the FMS Minor checksheet.

13. How should I prepare for my advising appointment?
So glad you asked! First, be sure you have an FMS checksheet. Log on to D2L. You will find a “course” called FMS Resources. Look in the ‘Advising’ module. In it, you will find a list of FMS courses and descriptions for the coming semester. There is also a list of FMS Guided Electives there. has a great schedule planning tool. The website is free. You register with your email address so that when you log on it brings up OU information. It is not in any way linked to Ozone, so you can only use it to plan your schedule. To enroll, you must use Ozone.

14. Oops, I overslept and missed my advising appointment. What should I do?
You will need to schedule another appointment via iAdvise.

15. When can I enroll?
On the Academics tab on Ozone, select “Enrollment and Registration Status” under Enrollment Tools to see if you have any Holds on your enrollment, if you are in Good Academic Standing, and when your Enrollment Window opens.

16. I have Holds on my enrollment. How do I get rid of them?
The following table shows the most common Holds with the proper office to contact to have a Hold removed.

 Hold Type  Who to Contact
 Admissions  Admissions office, Buchanan Hall 127, 325-2252
 Alcohol Policy  Take required online training at, 325-3161
 Academic Misconduct  Provost office, Evans Hall 104, 325-3221
 Bursar  Bursar’s office, Buchanan Hall 105, 325-3121
 College Academic Hold
 CAS Academic Services, Ellison Hall 124, 325-4411
 Curricular Deficiency
 CAS Academic Services, Ellison Hall 124, 325-4411
 Graduation Hold
 Bursar’s office, Buchanan Hall 105, 325-3121
 Health Center
 Goddard Health Center, Insurance counter, 325-4611
 Goddard Health Center, Insurance counter, 325-4611
 Registrar, Buchanan Hall 226, 325-8481
 Title IX
 Take required online training at, 325-2215

17. A class I need to take is full. Is there any way to enroll in it?
Some departments are very strict about not over-enrolling classes. Those departments use the Ozone waiting list function to control enrollment. If there is a waiting list for a closed course, get on the list. You can get on more than one waiting list if there are multiple sections.

18. A class I want or need is full, but there is no waiting list for it on Ozone. What do I do?
Only the instructor can decide if s/he can teach more students than allowed in a class. Email the instructor to ask permission. If permission is granted and the course is an FMS course, forward the email to Odette, and she will issue you an override. Please include your Sooner ID.

19. I want to take a class but I do not have the prerequisite for the course. Is there any way for me to get into it?
Only the instructor can decide if a student can be successful in a class if the student does not have the stated prerequisite. If you want to gain admittance to a class without having the stated prerequisite, email the instructor and make your case why you think you can succeed without having credit in the prerequisite required. If it is and FMS class and you are granted permission to take it by the instructor, forward that email to Odette for the necessary override.

20. ART and JMC courses are listed on the FMS checksheet. When I try to enroll in one of them, Ozone won’t let me. What’s wrong?
FMS majors do have access to introductory level production courses in ART and JMC. Those departments will waive their prerequisites for FMS majors knowing that FMS majors come with a knowledge of film language from FMS 1013. You need to email the instructor of the ART courses for permission. For JMC permissions, you can email the instructor or the JMC advisor, Lyndsay Tabor (

21. Why are there 3 meeting times listed on Ozone for most of the FMS courses?
The first meeting time listed is the lecture period, which meets two or three times a week. The second meeting time is for the screening and meets only once a week. The room for the screening period is reserved for 2 hours and 15 minutes. However, if the film is only 90 minutes long, you will get out after the film is over. The third meeting time denotes the final exam and meets only on one day of the semester.

22. Two FMS classes I want to take have their screenings at the same time. Is there any way I can take them both?
Many FMS professors are accommodating when it comes to screening time conflicts and will allow you to make up one of the screenings on your own time. Arrangements to see the missed film can be made through the FMS Media Lab. You will need to view the film before the next class lecture. To enroll when you have a screening time conflict, you will need written permission from one of the professors allowing you to make up the screening on your own time. You will need to bring that note to Enrollment Services (Buchannan Hall, 2nd Floor) for a Time-Conflict Override.

23. How do I search for an Upper Division Humanities course for my General Education requirement Upper Division Humanity Outside the Major?
ClassNav is the easiest place to perform the search. Artistic Forms, Non-Western Culture, and Western Civilization & Culture constitute the Humanities. You must choose a 3000 or 4000 level course. Be sure not to choose an FMS course or any course that appears on the FMS checksheet.

24. I see FMS 3800, “Internship” on the course schedule. What is an internship and how do I get one?
You can find information on FMS Internships on our website.

25. I want to take my internship for 3 credit hours, but when I register it only says 1 credit hour. How do I change it to 3 credit hours?
On your enrollment screen, there are tabs above the list of your courses. Select the “Schedule and Options” tab. You will find a place there to change from 1 to 3 credit hours.

26. I see FMS 4990, “Independent Study” on the course schedule. What is an independent study and how do I enroll in one?
An independent study is direct one-on-one study with a professor about a topic not offered by FMS. For example, if you took “The Hollywood Musical” and were blown away by An American in Paris but had never even heard of Vincent Minnelli before, you may decide you want to learn more about this director and his work. You could ask your professor if you could take his/her section of FMS 4990. Together, you would develop a reading list and film list, decide on a focus, meet weekly to discuss your research, and then write a research paper. As implied by the title of the course, the student is expected to be able to work independently.

27. Where can I find add/drop deadlines, and other important dates like holidays and final exam period?
Look at the Academic Calendar.

28. I think I should be graduating soon. How do I find out if I am right?
Before you start your senior year, you need to get a degree check. A degree check provides an official accounting of the remaining requirements for graduation. It is performed by the College of Arts and Sciences academic counselor for FMS, Sara Olzawski. You can make an appointment with her via iAdvise.

29. My degree check shows I can’t graduate until I take a summer class. Do I still get to “walk” in the ceremony?
Yes, as a summer graduate, you can participate in the May graduation and commencement ceremonies. The OU Bookstore sells what you need for the ceremony.

30. I am thinking about going to graduate school for film. Who should I speak to about it?
FMS Director, Dr. Benson-Allott, is a great resource to find out about the various graduate film programs and applying to graduate school in general.

31. OU is a huge campus. How do I know where to go for all the different services available?
See the Reference Guide below.

Reference Guide

(U.S. telephone area code for Norman campus is 405.)

Academic Records, Buchanan Hall 330, 325-4147, enrollment verification and transcript requests.
Admissions Office, Buchanan Hall, Room 127, 325-2251, admission to the university and changes in resident status.
Campus Telephone Number Information, 325-0311, university numbers.
Bursar Services, Buchanan Hall, Room 105, 325-3121, central billing office, scholarship and financial aid disbursement, student loan repayment.
University Counseling Center, 620 Elm Ave., Goddard Health Center, Room 201,
325-2911, counseling, psychiatric services, career counseling, psychological testing, and national standardized tests.
Disability Resource Center, 325-3852 or TDD line 325-4173, Goddard Health Center, Room 166.
Financial Aid Services, Buchanan Hall, Room 216, 325-4521, application and eligibility for financial aid.
Financial Education Services, 334 Cate Center Drive, Building 4, Room 360, 325-4183, complimentary personal financial counseling and resources.
Goddard Health Center, 620 Elm, 325-4611, health services including physician appointments, nurse assessments, pharmacy, X-ray, lab services, physical therapy and health education.
Graduate College, Robertson Hall, Room 213, 325-3811, application to graduate programs.
Graduation Office, Wagner Hall, Room 203, 325-0841, graduation applications and mailing of diplomas. For cap and gown purchase, call the University Bookstore, 325-3511.
Housing and Food Services, Walker Center, 325-2511, housing contracts, changes in housing assignments, housing charges, meal plans, meal plan changes, and student ID cards.
Information Technology Service Center, Felgar Hall, Room 300, 325-4357, information about university computing and printing charges.
International Student Services (OU ISS), Hester Hall, Room 144, 325-3337, helps international students with faculty and staff, community members, U.S. federal officials, and a variety of government agencies.
College of Liberal Studies, 1610 Asp Ave., McCarter Hall, Suite 108, 325-1016, offering adult and distance education with degree options designed specifically for working adults. Future students please use 325-3266.
One Card Office, Oklahoma Memorial Union, Room 127, 325-3113, new and replacement ID Cards and Sooner Sense. Lost ID Cards are returned to this office. To report or claim a lost ID card, contact One Card.
OU Cares, 334 Cate Center Drive, Building 4, Suite 310, 325-8103 or 325-6794, helping students improve GPA and study skills, choose a major, plan for graduation and overcome personal challenges to their success at OU.
OU Police Department (OUPD), for emergencies dial 911. Within the campus radius, your call is answered by OUPD. For non-emergencies, 325-2864.
Parking and Transit Services, 1107 Elm Ave., Stubbeman Place, 325-3311, parking violations, parking permits and CART bus passes.
Registration/Enrollment Services, Buchanan Hall, Room 230, 325-3572, enrollment, enrollment changes (add-drops), late enrollment charges, withdrawal percentages, cancellation of enrollment before the beginning of the semester, withdrawals from enrollment, etc.
Student Conduct Office, Walker Center, Room 210W, 325-1540, Housing disciplinary citations and student conduct citations.
Student Health Plan Office, Nuclear Engineering Lab, Room 244, 325-2961, inquiries and enrollment for OU student insurance. Insurance for international students is mandatory. Information available at
Student Life, Oklahoma Memorial Union, Room 370, 325-3163 or 325-6873, provides special services and information to international students, minority students, adult students, campus activities and student organizations, and manages the Women’s Outreach Center.
Student Loan Services, Buchanan Hall, Room 208, 325-5876, manages Perkins loans, institutional loans and consolidation information for these loans. This office is part of Bursar Services.
United World College Scholars Program, Cate 4, Room 333, 325-1221, recruits UWC graduates and coordinates their scholarship program on campus. Scholarships for UWC enrolled students funded by Davis UWC Scholars Program (private endowment) and OU.
Veteran Student Services, Buchanan Hall, Room 330, 325-4308, helps student veterans and service members achieve academic excellence and personal success.