Forms and Petitions

Form NameDescription
Program for Independent Study applicationApply for courses 3990 and 4990Download
Request for Enrollment Overload Request to exceed your maximum amount of hours per semester. For A&S students, submit form to Ellison Hall, RM 124.Download

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Petitions are to be used for actions that require Dean's approval. Please review each petition form to determine which one is appropriate for the action you are requesting. Supporting documentation and explanatory letters are required for all petitions. Please read the instructions on each form carefully. You may: 1) complete the form and email the petition, along with your supporting documentation, to Julie Hamburger in the Associate Dean's office at, or 2) print the petition and your documentation, and bring it to the Academic Services office in Ellison Hall, Rm. 124. You will be notified via email regarding the decision.

Form NameDescription
College Stop-Out or OU Suspension AppealIf you have been stopped out or suspended and would like to petition to be allowed to take classes in Arts and Sciences againDownload

Extension of an  Incomplete

If you are completing a grade of "I" after the year deadline has elapsed, and you have your instructor's permission to do soDownload
Incomplete ContractAn Incomplete is designed for students who, through circumstances usually not within their control, cannot complete the last 10-30% of the required assignments in a course.Download
Late AddIf Dean's approval is required to add a courseDownload
Late DropIf Dean's approval is required to drop a classDownload
Retroactive AddIf you need to add a class from a previous semesterDownload
Retroactive WithdrawIf you need to drop a class from a previous semester, due to extenuating circumstancesDownload
Substitution or Waiver of Degree RequirementsExtend a degree program, or waive a college requirementDownload