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Free Screening: Hiroshima Nagasaki Download

Tue, October 25, 20162:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Presidential Dreamcourse "Nuclear Legacies" present a free screening of the film

Hiroshima Nagasaki Download


Shinpei Takeda


2 pm, Tuesday, Oct. 25, Mary Eddy and Fred Jones Auditorium, Fred Jones Jr Museum of Art

Hiroshima Nagasaki Download (73 mins / 2010) by Shinpei Takeda. A road movie follows two high school friends as they drive down from Canada to Mexico visiting 18 survivors of the atomic bomb living in the North American west coast in search of the hypocenter in their memories. Director: Shinpei Takeda, Producer: Eiji Wakamatsu, Production: Atopus Studio Award: Audience Award at Shinsedai Film festival (Toronto, Canada), Special Mention award at Uranium Film festival (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil) Official Selection: Zipangu Film festival, Zipangu Est, Nippon Connection Film Festival (Frankfurt, Germany), Al Jazeera Int'l, San Diego Asian Film Festival, Asian Hotshots Film festival (Berlin), etc.

Presented by Elyssa Faison, history, and Alison Fields, art history, as part of their dreamcourse on the American deployment of atomic bombs in Japan during World War II, ensuing nuclear energy initiatives and anti-nuclear peace movements, and the global impact of nuclear testing. Taught by an historian of visual culture of the American West and an historian of modern Japan, it interweaves historical narratives, public memorialization, testimony, photography, art, and film that demonstrate engagement with ongoing nuclear legacies in North America, Japan, the islands of the Pacific, and beyond.