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Free Screening: Things Left Behind

Tue, October 4, 20162:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Presidential Dream Course "Nuclear Legacies" presents

Things Left Behind

with filmmaker 

Linda Hoaglund

Free screening and discussion

Things Left Behind is a documentary about the transformative power of “ひろしま hiroshima,” the first major international art exhibition devoted to the atomic bomb, shown at the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver, Canada, from October 2011 to February 2012. The exhibition presented the eponymous photographic series by the renowned Japanese photographer Ishiuchi Miyako (b. 1947) in 48 color prints of clothing and personal effects which once belonged to some of the 140,000 people estimated to have been doomed by the bomb. To create the series, Ishiuchi brought the garments—donated by bereaved families over the decades, yet and poignantly vivid today—out of permanent storage at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial archive and photographed them in the light, to trace the spirits of those who once wore them.

Presented by Elyssa Faison, history, and Alison Fields, art history, as part of their Presidential Dream Course Nuclear Legacies, exploring explores the American deployment of atomic bombs in Japan during World War II, ensuing nuclear energy initiatives and anti-nuclear peace movements, and the global impact of nuclear testing. Taught by an historian of visual culture of the American West and an historian of modern Japan, it interweaves historical narratives, public memorialization, testimony, photography, art, and film that demonstrate engagement with ongoing nuclear legacies in North America, Japan, the islands of the Pacific, and beyond.