May I include a cover page with my application?
No, the first page of your application should be the application page that you complete with your name, project title and other contact information. The second page of your application is the signature page, followed by a page for each of the five questions and ending with your one-page biography or curriculum vitae for each applicant.

I understand that each question on the application is to have a single page answer, no more. But is that a single-sided page, or can it be a double-sided page?
The answer to each question should be on one single side of the page, not double-sided.

Does the award fund overhead expenditures related to the project? May the prize money be used to cover indirect costs? May the prize money be used to cover living expenses?
There are no restrictions as for what the prize money may be used. We do ask that you be as detailed as possible in your explanation of how the funds will be used.

Sample Budget available by clicking here.