Welcome to First-Year Composition at the University of Oklahoma!

Our goal at the Office of First-Year Composition (FYC) is to offer you the best possible opportunity to develop as a writer, no matter your experience.

We do not view writing as a skill dependent upon unlearned talent. Instead, we view writing as a tool anyone can learn to use well. All writers have more to learn, and we are confident that no matter your level of expertise our courses will offer you innovative ways to approach new writing situations and deepen your critical thinking skills. With this understanding of writing in mind, our instructors will guide you in the development of strategic writing habits that can be adapted to your educational, professional, or social interests. 

Our program emphasizes audience awareness, rhetorical analysis, scholarly research, and critical inquiry in order to prepare you to write (and speak) in the public sphere, whether as a college student or as a citizen, about issues that matter to you.