Below are the responsibilities we expect our instructors to honor both for their courses and for professional development.

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For Courses

  • Come to class with carefully prepared lesson plans that fulfill unit and course learning objectives.
  • Assign homework and classwork designed to prepare students to succeed on unit projects.
  • Encourage questions and provide answers, guidance, or next steps
  • Be available during office hours (1.5 hours per course section) to meet with students as well as respond to your e-mails according to the policy listed in the syllabus.
  • Post your office hours/location on your syllabus and on Canvas
  • Give feedback on drafts at least 48 hours before final drafts are due (you do not have to respond to incomplete drafts)
  • Return graded unit projects within 2 weeks of receiving final drafts (grades for late or incomplete student submissions may be delayed)
  • Check your OU e-mail regularly
  • Update grades regularly on Canvas
  • Have an optimistic view of students and be invested in their success

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For Professional Development

  • Graduate Teaching Assistants are required to attend two professional development workshops on teaching each semester
  • Adjunct instructors are required to attend one professional development workshop on teaching each semester
  • Renewable Term Instructors are not required to attend professional development workshops, but will help facilitate them

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