Genre Talks: Speaker Series and Reading Group

Genre Talks is an interdisciplinary reading group and lecture series open to OU faculty, instructors, and graduate students. Each semester, we take on a topic that is important for research and teaching across multiple academic fields. A program of monthly discussions culminates in a public lecture by a distinguished scholar.

For spring 2015, Genre Talks will address the ways in which art, activism, policy, and scholarship in the humanities and social sciences are engaging with the most urgent scientific findings about climate change. Proposed in 2000 by the Nobel Prize-winning scientist Paul Krutzen, the term "Anthropocene" designates a new geological era, based on the radical changes to ecosystems produced by human activity since the late 1800s. "Feeling Anthropocene" refers to our reading group's interest in the effects of the Anthropocene on humanities-based writing and thought.

Upcoming Genre Talks: Feeling Anthropocene meetings:

Session 2: Friday, March 27, 3:00-4:15 pm, Gittinger Hall, first floor lounge
          Rob Nixon, excerpts from Slow Violence and the Environmentalism of the Poor (Harvard, 2011)
          Indira Goswami, "The Journey," from A Game of Chess: Classic Assamese Stories, ed. D.N. Bezboruah
               (Penguin, 2009)
     Amit Baishya, assistant professor in the English Department, will discuss his paper, "Scales of Violence:
     Time out of Joint in Indira Goswami's 'Jaatra'."

Session 3: Friday, April 24, 3:00-4:30 pm, Gittinger Hall, first floor lounge
     Public lecture by Prof. John Meyer

If you would like to participate in one or all of the Genre Talks meetings, please contact Jim Zeigler (jzeigler@ou.edu), assistant professor of English, to reserve your place and receive copies of the readings. Please specify if you would prefer electronic or paper versions. Complimentary course packs of the readings for Spring 2015 are available.