Mission of the College of Arts & Sciences

The State's preeminent comprehensive research institution of higher education is the University of Oklahoma; the College of Arts and Sciences is the intellectual core of the University. As the largest and most diverse unit within the University, the College of Arts and Sciences educates students through undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the humanities, the social sciences, the sciences, and through its professional schools and interdisciplinary programs. The College also provides educational opportunities for students enrolled in other colleges of the University.

In accomplishing its broad mission, the College has two primary purposes: 1) to foster scholarly inquiry and the generation of knowledge, and to see that knowledge generated in the course of research and instruction is made available to enhance the quality of life in our society; and 2) to help students attain an understanding of the complex world in which we live: its physical and biological structure; its political, economic and social institutions; its intellectual and spiritual inheritance; and its philosophy and literature.

The College also strives to foster free inquiry and thought, to engender in students the ability to think critically and to communicate effectively, to prepare students for careers and professions, and to encourage students to accept public service and civic responsibilities within their communities.
In addition to enriching the lives of students both as individuals and as active, useful and productive members of society, the College also seeks to serve the State of Oklahoma, the region, the country and the world. This is accomplished primarily through making available its facilities, its faculty and staff, and the end products of both its research and teaching to enhance economic, technological and social development.