Undergraduate Program

The Bachelor of Science (BS) degree program in Health and Exercise Science is designed
 to train students who plan to work in the health, fitness and sport fields or to prepare students for graduate studies in Health and Exercise Science or related fields. The undergraduate program consists of a single core curriculum emphasizing applied science and professional preparation in combination with an elective block sufficiently broad to allow students to develop strong preparation in an area of personal interest related to health and exercise. A minor in Health and Exercise Science is also available at the undergraduate level for non-HES majors.

HES Admission

Students interested in entering the HES undergraduate degree program must apply for matriculation into the upper division HES core curriculum. The application deadlines are September 30 for Spring admission and January 30 for Fall admission. Final admission to HES is a competitive process that is based on the following criteria: 1) prerequisite course GPA, and 2) combined retention GPA.
 Students will be selected for admission from a pool of applicants who have completed all prerequisite coursework, have both prerequisite and combined retention GPA of 2.75 or higher, and have submitted all required HES application materials. Please note that due to limited resources for this program not all students with the minimum 2.75 GPA are admitted. Depending on the number of applicants and their GPA distributions, the minimum GPA required for consideration may not be competitive and does not guarantee admission.

Deferred Admission Information

Students who are enrolled in the last of their HES required prerequisite coursework at the time of application may apply for Deferred admission. The Deferred applicant will be admitted to the HES major upon completion of the semester if all of the outstanding HES prerequisite coursework is successfully completed with the grade of 'C' or better and if the applicants GPA is within the admissible acceptance range of that application period. Below is the complete list of the HES prerequisite courses required for admission:

 BIOL 1114 – Introduction to Zoology OR BIOL 1005 - Concepts in Biology
 BIOL 1121 – Introduction to Zoology Lab
 BIOL 2124 – Human Physiology
 BIOL 2234 OR 2255 – Introduction to Human Anatomy OR Human Anatomy
 CHEM 1315 – General Chemistry
 COMM 1113 OR 2613 – Principles of Communication OR Public Speaking
 ENGL 1113 – Composition I
 ENGL 1213 OR EXPO 1213 – Composition II
 HES 2131 – Introduction to HES
 HES 2823 – Introduction to Nutrition
 HES 2913 – Personal Health
 MATH 1503 – College Algebra or higher math course
 PSY 1113 – Elements of Psychology
 SOC 1113 – Introduction to Sociology