History of Science Research Award

Through the generosity of an anonymous donor, the department has initiated a History of Science Research Award. To encourage graduate students in the preparation, presentation and publication of excellent research papers, the Department of the History of Science will present one award annually. Students can apply in any one of the three categories below:

(a) Travel and/or material support in the preparation of a paper
(b) Travel support to attend a meeting at which the research paper will be presented
(c) Recognition of research papers published in the previous calendar year.

Application Process

For category (a), the application will consist of a brief (2-page maximum) description of the research to be undertaken and the need for travel and/or research funds in the form of a budget. For category (b), the application will consist of an abstract of the paper and an estimate of travel/registration expenses, a description of the meeting at which the paper will be presented, and assurances from the meeting organizer(s) that the paper has been accepted for presentation. For category (c), the application will consist of a copy of the paper and, if not contained in the published article, a 250-word abstract.

Because the amount of funding will vary with the income from the endowed fund, applicants in categories (a) and (b) should also attempt to secure funding for travel from other sources. In all three categories, the criteria for selection will be the quality of the proposed activity or product.

Deadline for Applications: 1 October.

Selection of the recipients will be made by the history of science Graduate Studies Committee, with announcement of the awards on or before 1 November.