Fair judging demands that all proposals follow exactly the same format. Therefore, to be considered by the prize committee, each application must follow the filing requirements listed below. The grant will be offered annually.

The deadline for 2017 prize was November 30, 2016. Applications received or postmarked after WERE NOT considered. Early submission of applications is encouraged. Applications should be mailed or delivered to The Thatcher Hoffman Smith Prize, University of Oklahoma, College of Arts & Sciences, 633 Elm Avenue, Room 323, Norman, OK 73019-3118

Applicants must submit one original and FIVE complete copies of each prize application. The dimensions of each application should not exceed 8-1/2” x 11”. Separate each copy with paper clips or by inserting a different color sheet of paper between copies.

Applicants will receive official notification of the winning applications by mail in February, 2017.

The University of Oklahoma is an equal opportunity institution.