Hunter Heyck

Professor of the History of Science

B.A., History with Distinction and Highest Honors, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1990
 Ph.D., History of Science, Medicine, and Technology, The Johns Hopkins University, 2000

Select Publications

 Herbert A. Simon: The Bounds of Reason in Modern America

“Modernity and Social Change in American Social Science,” in The Intellectual History of the Cold War, edited by Tim Müller, HIS Press, Hamburg, Germany, 2011.

“Producing Reason,” in The Social Science and the Cold War, edited by Hamilton Cravens and Mark Solovey, MacMillan Palgrave, 2012.

“Embodiment, Emotion, and Moral Experience: the Machine in Film,” in Canticle for the Machine, edited by David Ferro and Eric Swedin, MacFarland and Co, 2011.

“Patrons of the Revolution: ideals and institutions in postwar behavioral science,” Isis, vol. 97, no. 3 (September 2006): 420-446.

 Herbert A. Simon: The Bounds of Reason in Modern America,
Johns Hopkins University Press, 2005