if I major in hsci/tech/med what can I do after I graduate?

There are lots of different career paths that a background in the history of science, technology, and medicine can help prepare you for: history provides perspective on issues and values, a background in the sciences allows you to communicate some of the most important ideas of our time to different publics, technological fields are intertwined with understanding changes in society, and the health professions require a keen grasp of ethical dilemmas -- all of these dimensions of science, technology, and medicine as seen in the past and present (and more) are part of what you'll learn in the courses our department offers.

Would you like a one-page distillation of the possibilities? Here it is, in the "fact sheet" that is linked to the OU homepage section on academic interests and majors for prospective students. We just finished putting this all together, as a quick overview. It offers more ideas about why a major that sits at the intersection of the sciences and humanities offers training for all the paths you'll cross over the course of your life.