Isis Current Bibliography


Stephen P. Weldon, Editor

Younes Mahdavi, Graduate Assistant to the CB

Jon Self, Graduate Assistant to the CB

The Isis Current Bibliography surveys recent publications in the history of science. It covers all disciplines and time periods. The bibliography was begun in 1913 by the historian of science George Sarton as part of his new journal, Isis, and it has been published continuously since then. In 2000 the bibliography office moved to the University of Oklahoma.

The print version of the bibliography appears annually and is mailed with the December issue of the journal Isis. Access to the bibliographic data is also available online through OCLC’s HistSciTechMed database, which can be consulted through many libraries in North America and some institutions outside of North America. All members of the History of Science Society have access to this database as part of their membership.

If you are interested in finding out more about the classification and indexing system used by the bibliography, please click here.  If you would like to notify the editor of entries to be included in the bibliography, please click here.