The John H. and Jane M. Patten Teaching Award was established with a generous donation from John and Jane Patten. The recipient will receive a one-time award of up to $6,000 and will also have their name placed on a plaque for permanent display in the college office. The award is presented annually.


The nominee must be a fulltime faculty member in the traditional humanities in a humanities or social sciences unit in the College of Arts and Sciences.


The nominee must have made an outstanding contribution as a classroom instructor. The nominee should be a model teacher, recognized for dedication, effectiveness and the ability to inspire students to high levels of achievement. Outstanding teaching should be demonstrated through student-teacher evaluations, chair recommendations and additional information such as student or peer letters of support, sample syllabi, course materials, etc. While classroom instruction is the primary focus of the award, research, publications and public service may also be considered in the selection process.


Nominations are due by Wednesday, October 11, 2017.

Nomination Procedures:

Nominations, including self-nominations, may come from any faculty member and should be submitted electronically (in pdf format) to Susan Bayliss at The Dean or his/her designee will assemble a seven-member selection committee comprised of the Provost or designee; the Chair of the Board of Trustees of the OU Foundation or designee; the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences or designee; the Chair of Faculty Senate or designee; one faculty member appointed by the Chair of Faculty Senate, who must be from a discipline other than that of the Chair; and two student representatives appointed by the President of the Student Government Association. The Provost or designee will serve as the chair of the committee.

The nomination packet should include:

  1. Letter of nomination from the Chair/Director (prepared in consultation with Committee A) describing the candidate’s accomplishments and how the candidate meets the award criteria. The letter should not exceed two pages. (If the nomination comes as a self-nomination or from outside the nominee’s department, that letter should be included here.)
  2. Letters of support from students and faculty members
  3. Current curriculum vitae
  4. Other supporting evidence, including a list of courses taught, teaching evaluations and other appropriate materials in support of the nomination.

Award Announcement:

The award will be presented in the spring at the College of Arts and Sciences Kaleidoscope Evening Event and at the spring faculty meeting.