June in Ireland: Ready, Set, Go!

Undulating green hills, castles, and Celtic music: here I come! Ireland has captivated my imagination with its rich and passionate history, and I’ve yet to even set foot in Dublin. The University of Oklahoma’s June in Ireland program is offered through the College of Arts and Sciences and this year the illustrious professors Dr. Julia Ehrhardt and Dr. George Cusack will be teaching “Food and Culture in Ireland” and “Criminals and Rebels in Irish Literature.” As if Ireland’s beauty were not enough of a draw, the additional appeal of the course offerings hooked me as soon as I read about this program. As a Letters major, I delight in taking English courses, and the chance to delve into Irish lore and literature was too intriguing to pass up. Also, food. Pondering, reading, writing about, and consuming food are definitely among my greatest interests, so any chance to study and partake is right up my alley. A friend’s parent advised that Irish coffee and scones from Dublin are the best he’s enjoyed in life; needless to say, the foodventures ahead are an exciting prospect. 

In addition to the June in Ireland program activities, which includes time in Dublin, Cork, and Kinsale, I will be traveling with friends on a free weekend to London.

As I head into my senior year at OU, this trip will be an exciting opportunity to relax and learn in a beautiful, enchanting country. Previous summers during my college career were spent working with a short trip to Arezzo, Italy after my freshman year with the University of Oklahoma President’s Leadership Class, so June in Ireland will be a great way to begin the end of my undergraduate career at this wonderful institution. Studying abroad with OU was incredible in Arezzo, and I am so thankful and excited to be able to go again for a longer period of time to Cork, Ireland. 

Other than wonderful history, green hills, castles, Celtic music, and scones, I am not quite sure what to expect. The use of Gaelic in Irish vernacular, the Catholicism of southern Ireland, and the history of passionate patriotism will all be intriguing to learn about and explore. A month of adventures starts tomorrow! Boomer Sooner!

Taylor Shupert, Class of 2015