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Mary Mahan

The Mahan Family are long-time residents of the State of Oklahoma who have served the public through the military, education, public policy, public service and public health. Mary Kathleen (Kathy) Mahan, who earned two degrees from The University of Oklahoma, used her Master's in Education to promote and enhance the quality of life for all Americans. Kathy won many awards for her service, including the Commissioner's Citation, the Social Security Administration's highest honor award. The donor wishes to endow and award to support, encourage and inspire students to make history through public service, as did many family members and Kathy, in particular. It is the families' hope that the awardee will have a deep comprehension and understanding of the past, current, and future American history and the positive impact that history has made in the world, thus honoring Kathy and the families through the students at The University of Oklahoma.

Those in the family, when asked about their hopes from students who receive this scholarship would respond, they hope they will be inspired, be engaged, and improve the quality of life for all Americans. They also sincerely hope that they will continue the work of Kathleen.

Family Legacy:

The Mahan and Soderquist family and their extended Stallman, Shook, Adams, Allgood, Cartwright, and Kelly families have a legacy of public service, working at all civic levels in local, state, and federal government in addition to military service, which began during the Civil War. Members of their families continued to serve in the 20th century Korean Conflict and Vietnam War as well. As Vietnam War veterans, continued their service to veterans and advocacy for veteran's health care through their work within the Veteran's Hospital in Muskogee, OK during the 1990s to 2012.

Numerous family members became teachers, establishing and improving educational systems as the United States grew and expanded during the 1800s and 1900s. Areas of education taught by family members have included elementary and secondary education in public schools, a partnership with NASA to teach students about the Space Program of the 1960's and nursing and business courses in college. Five family members in education received both Bachelor's and Master's degrees, along with three who persuid post graduate degrees towards PhD's.

Health care is valued by the Mahan and Soderquist family and extended families, and medical care has been advanced by their own work treating and caring for patients during war, in homes, community settings, hospitals, those needing long and extended nursing care, and hospice and end of life comfort. Family members especially have moved health care forward as participants in research studies. As new methods of treatments, medications, and health knowledge are rapidly known, these have been tried and tested and embraced by their families early, contributing to medical knowledge. Emphasis on Public Health has been valued, improving the health quality of American Lives. 

Agriculture and nutrition, since the 1800's has been a predominant way of life for our families. Commitment from generation to generation has always been to grow more food to feed more people within the United States and worldwide. Dedicated to improving growing techniques, land management, and contributing to the distribution of food, family members pursue advanced University research and give priority to improving the quality of food produced.

Information about Mahan parents:

  • Cecil Lee Mahan and Doris Marie Stallman Mahan
  • Parents of Mary Kathleen Mahan, Cynthia Ann Mahan Soderquist, and Debra Kay Mahan
  • Obituary excerpts, 1997 and 2005, written by Kathy Mahan, daughter

Doris was a dearly loved wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, and sister. Doris, raised in rural northwest Oklahoma, attended Cheyenne Valley schools and Enid Business College. As a military wife with the U.S. Air Force, she managed and coordinated each family move to new duty stations in 4 states and a three year assignment in England. Doris was a Girl Scout Leader in the United Kingdom region of USA Girl Scouts Overseas. She was a member of the Air Force Wives Club, doing special projects in support of military families. Doris' enjoyment of history and travel inspired her daughters to have many adventures of their own, traveling throughout the world.

C.L. was born in 1929, and spent his early years in Cache, OK, at the time of the Great Depression. He left home as a teenager to find work at the Anderson Ranch Dam in Idaho and in the copper mines of Arizona. At 19, he joined the U.S. Air Force and was stationed at Vance Air Force Base (AFB), at Enid, Oklahoma. There he met the love of his live and the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, Doris Marie Stallman. He was 21 and she was 18 when they married at the Vance Air Force Base Chapel. C.L. made his career with the Air Force and was stationed at Tyndal Field, Florida, Etazuki, Japan, Luke AFB, Arizona, Alconbury, AFB, England, George AFB, California, UBON, Thailand. He was a Korean Conflict and Vietnam veteran. After 20 years of service, he retired as a Senior Master Sergeant in 1968.

C.L. was most proud of providing for his family and that his three daughters, Kathy, Cindy, and Debbie, all worked in Public Service.

Information about the Mahan Grandparents:

  • Bertha Lou Adams
  • Mother of C.L. Mahan
  • Grandmother, Paternal, of Kathy Mahan, Cindy Mahan Soderquist, and Debbie Mahan
  • Contribution by Barbara Allgood, Daughter

Bertha Lou AdamsBertha was born in 1912, in Oklahoma, 7 years after statehood. Bertha was a single mother, bearing six children, one who died in infancy. Bertha took greatest pride in raising 5 successful children. Living through the Great Depression, she greatly valued hard work and at times worked 10 hour days to support her family. Bertha worked a Ft. Sill, Lawton during World War II and traveled by bus 40 miles each day to and from her job. Bertha’s three sons, C. L. Mahan, Steve Kelly, and Neal Kelly were all enlisted in the U.S. Air Force; one daughter, Barbara Allgood, was a military wife and nurse; and Bertha’s youngest daughter, Patsy Cartwright, gave life-long friendship and support to military families who were stationed at Ft. Sill, Lawton, OK. Bertha had a generous and giving heart for her family, friends, neighbors and community throughout her lifetime.

  • Thelma and Clint Mahan
  • Parents of C.L. Mahan
  • Grandparents, Paternal, of Kathy Mahan, Cindy Mahan Soderquist, and Debbie Mahan

Clint and Thelma MahanClint and Thelma had 5 children, 4 sons and 1 daughter. They took the most pride in raising and teaching their children to never lie, cheat or steal, living and showing by their own example.  As parents they took deep pride in their children's accomplishments. Three of their sons gave their service to the military - Levoy Mahan in the Navy, Delbert Mahan, in the Army, and C.L. Mahan, who retired from the Air Force. Thelma and Clint were equally proud of the fact that their children, Carl Mahan, Delbert Mahan and Sandra Mahan Mason, were the first generation to attend college, with two sons, Carl and Delbert, achieving a Master's degree, as well as continuing in post graduate education. Clint and Thelma lived through the major events of the 20th century, which included, among others, the Great Depression, World War I, World War II, the Korean Conflict, the Vietnam War, and the rise and fall of the Oklahoma's oil boom and bust economy. Clint Mahan worked and retired at the Apco Oil Refinery, Cyril, OK, almost 20 years, contributing to one of Oklahoma's primary industries. Thelma and Clint were well known for their reputation of sharing food and meals with anyone, including family, friends, and even strangers passing through Cyril, looking for work during the 1940's. Thelma and Clint Mahan left of legacy of generosity.

Information about Stallman Grandparents:

  • George Wessel Stallman and Hazel Marie Stallman
  • Parents of Doris Stallman Mahan
  • Grandparents, Maternal, of Kathy, Cindy, and Debbie Mahan
"I am the fourth child and youngest son of George Gardner and Eelkea Stallman. I was born on March 25, 1906 in our home one mile west of the Elm Mott Country Store, and Post Office. My first teacher was Miss Edna Gould who later became Mrs. William Bennett and the aunt of my future wife. In 1931, I married Hazel Bennett, daughter of John and Cora Bennett, who came to old Woods County in 1903. We were married at Cleo Springs where Hazel was teaching. She graduated from the Cleo Springs High School and attended college at Northwestern State College (NWSC). She taught seven years in the Major County schools, including one room schools for all grades. During the 1930s, our family and neighbors experienced and lived through the Dust Bowl of western Oklahoma, determined to stay on our land. We had two children, Doris Marie who married Cecil L. Mahan of the U.S. Air Force. They have three daughters, Kathy, Cindy, and Debbie. Our son, George Vernon, also graduated from Cheyenne Valley, Northwestern State College and received his master’s degree from Emporia, KS. He and Karla Steiben were married at Bazine, KS, in 1970. They had two daughters, Shandi and Shawnda, and one son, Jason."

—Pioneer Footprints Across Woods County, 1976, written by George Stallman, and Contribution by Vernon Stallman

The Stallman family takes great pride in continuing their Agricultural, Health Care, and Education legacy. 

Information about the daughters/children:

Mary Kathleen Mahan 

  • "Kathy"
  • Graduate of the University of Oklahoma,
  • Bachelor of Arts, 1972, Master of Education, 1977
  • Teacher, Social Security Policy Analyst


Cynthia Ann Mahan Soderquist Cynthia Ann Mahan Soderquist

  • "Cindy"
  • Attended University of Oklahoma 1970-73
  • Veteran, U.S. Air Force, 1974-1981
  • Veteran's Administration Hospital, 2001-2012

Debra Kay Mahan Debra Kay Mahan

  • "Debbie"
  • Graduate of the University of Oklahoma
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, 1976
  • Registered Nurse, 1976-2014
  • Public Health Nurse Specialty

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*Written and contributions by Debbie Mahan, Cindy Soderquist, Carl Mahan, and Vernon Stallman – December 2016

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