Marc N. Levine

 Assistant Professor, Anthropology

 Assistant Curator, Sam Noble Museum

Ph.D. University of Colorado, 2007

Research Interests

Archaeology of Mesoamerica, political economy, social inequality, household and community archaeology, urbanism, monumentality, museum anthropology, materiality.

Selected Publications

M. N. Levine. 2017. Tututepec: A Mixtec Imperial Capital in Southern Oaxaca. In The Oxford Handbook of the Aztecs. Edited by D. L. Nichols and E. Rodríguez Alegría, pp. 509-521. Oxford University Press, New York.

M. N. Levine, L. F. Fargher, L. G. Cecil, and J. E. Forde. 2015. Polychrome Pottery Economics and Ritual Life in Postclassic Oaxaca, Mexico. Latin American Antiquity 26(3):319-340.

M. N. Levine and D. M. Carballo (editors). 2014. Obsidian Reflections: The Symbolic Dimensions of Obsidian in MesoamericaUniversity Press of Colorado, Boulder.

M. N. Levine and A. A. Joyce. 2014. Las Evidencias Arqueológicas de la Antigua Capital de Tututepec. In Panorama Arqueológico: Dos Oaxacas. Edited by M. Winter and G. Sánchez Santiago, pp.135-151. Centro INAH Oaxaca, México.

M. N. Levine and L. Martínez de Luna. 2013. Museum Salvage: A Case Study of Mesoamerican Artifacts in Museum Collections and on the Antiquities Market. Journal of Field Archaeology 38(3):264-276.

M. N. Levine. 2013. Examining Ceramic Evidence for the Zapotec Imperialism Hypothesis in the Lower Río Verde Region of Oaxaca, Mexico. In Polity and Ecology in Formative Period Coastal Oaxaca‏, edited by A. Joyce, University Press of Colorado.

A. A. Joyce, M. N. Levine, and S. B. Barber. 2013. Place-Making and Power in the Terminal Formative: Excavations on Río Viejo’s Acropolis. In Polity and Ecology in Formative Period Coastal Oaxaca‏, edited by A. Joyce, University Press of Colorado.

M. N. Levine. 2011. Negotiating Political Economy at Late Postclassic Tututepec (Yucu Dzaa), Oaxaca, Mexico. American Anthropologist 113(1):22-39.

M. N. Levine, A. A. Joyce and M. D. Glascock. 2011. Shifting Patterns of Obsidian Exchange in Postclassic Oaxaca, Mexico. Ancient Mesoamerica 22(1):123-133.

A. A. Joyce, A. Workinger, B. Hamann, and M. N. Levine. 2008. The Archaeology and Codical History of Tututepec. In Mixtec Writing and Society/Escritura de Ñuu Dzaui, edited by M. Jansen and L. van Broekhoven, pp. 233-251. KNAW Press.

A. A. Joyce, L. Arnaud-Bustamante, M. N. Levine. 2001. Commoner Power: a Case Study From the Classic Period "Collapse" on the Oaxaca Coast. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory 8(4):343-385.

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Contact Information

Office:Dale Hall Tower Rm. 515 (Anthro) & Sam Noble Museum
Phone: (405) 325-1994 (Sam Noble Museum)

Office Hours (Spring 2018)

Tuesdays, 3-4:30 or by appointment (DHT, Rm. 515)