Marshall Cheney, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor | Health Promotion | Curriculum Vitae

 B.A., Psychology, Rhodes College
 M.A., Psychology, Washington University
 Ph.D., Health Promotion Sciences, University of Oklahoma Health  Sciences Center
• Tobacco Use Prevention
 • Qualitative Research Methods
 • Young Adult Health Behaviors
 • Health Disparities
 • Social Determinants of Health
 • Social Marketing

For more information about Dr. Cheney's research, visit the Social and Behavioral Health Lab.
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 HES 3513 - Health Promotion Program Planning
 HES 6503 - Epidemiology in Health Promotion
 HES 6513 - Qualitative Research Methods
 HES 6523 - Social Marketing in Health Promotion
 Marshall Cheney, Ph.D.
 Department of Health and Exercise Science
 University of Oklahoma
 1401 Asp Ave., Room 111
 Norman, OK 73091-6081
 Phone: (405) 325-6322 | Fax: (405) 325-0594 | Email:

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Recent publications from Dr. Cheney's lab:

Cheney, M.K., Gowin, M. Wann, T. F. (2015) Marketing practices of vapor store owners. American Journal of Public Health. OnlineFirst April 16, 2015

Cheney, M.K., Gowin, M. Wann, T. (in press) Vapor Store Owner Beliefs and Messages to Customers. Nicotine and Tobacco Research

Cheney, MK., Gowin, M. Wann, T. (in press) Vapor store owners beliefs and attitudes about regulation of the vaping industry. Tobacco Regulatory Science.

Gowin, M., Cheney, M.K., Gwin, S, and Wann, T.F.. (2015) College student utilization of smartphone health applications for physical activity and nutrition. American Journal of Health Education. 46, 1-8. DOI: 10.1080/19325037.2015.1044140.

Cheney, M.K, Oman, R., and Vesely, S. (2015). Prospective associations between developmental assets and smoking in young adulthood: Findings from the Youth Asset Study. American Journal of Preventive Medicine.48, 94-101.

Cheney, M.K., Oman, R.O., Vesely, S., Aspy, C., and Tolma, E. (2014) Prospective associations between negative life events and adolescent tobacco use. American Journal of Health Behavior, 38(6), 942-950.

Cheney, M.K. and Mansker, J. (2014)  African American young adult smoking initiation: Identifying intervention points and prevention opportunities. American Journal of Health Education, 45, 86-96.

Harris, L., and Cheney. M.K. (in press, 2015) Positive youth development interventions targeting sexual health in minority young adolescents: A systematic review. Journal of Early Adolescence.