Matt Pailes

Matthew Pailes

Assistant Professor

B.A. University of Oklahoma 2005 

M.A. University of Arizona 2008 

Ph.D. University of Arizona 2015

Research Interests

  • Archaeology and ethnohistory of Northwest Mexico and adjacent regions 
  • Political-economy 
  • Exchange relationships 
  • Archaeometry (especially petrography) 
  • Quantitative methods 
My research interests primarily focus on the political economy of middle range groups in Northwest Mexico. This region, located between Mesoamerica and the U.S. Southwest, was a nexus of interaction and played important, but little understood roles in the political prehistory of North America. My current research focuses on understanding the physical, demographic, and social qualities that impacted pan-regional interactions in the Sierra Madre of Sonora, Mexico. I also have a secondary interest in hunter-and gather economic organization and participate in research on the northern Plains of the U.S. and northwest Africa. 

Recent Publications

Pailes, M. C. 
2016 Exchange economies of late Prehistoric eastern Sonora, Mexico: A reevaluation based on provenance data analyses. Journal of Field Archaeology 41. 

2015 The political landscapes of eastern Sonora, Mexico: A reconsideration of scale and organization. Latin American Antiquity 26:530-549. 

2014 Network Analysis of early Classic Hohokam corporate-group inequality. American Antiquity 79:465-486. 

Pailes, M. C., David J. Killick, Barbara J. Mills and T. J. Ferguson 
2015 Diabase temper as a marker for Laguna ceramics. Kiva:281-303.

Contact Information

Office: Dale Hall Tower 512
Phone: 325-3729